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What is a real change? It is felt in the body.

Usually a real change that lasts is embodied. It's not just "be positive" statement. Such superficial answers

prove that you have not been thorough enough and felt the changes deeply.

Sometimes you need to journal with a real pen!

When you feel the change and insight deeply (NOT JUST IN YOUR HEAD) you will experience sustainable change and be happier.

Many very technical clients who are always in their heads cannot feel their body and have great difficult progressing. They are too busy processing HOW come that they miss the boat and the positive wave!!

Contact us at to get real changes not just temporary head changes.

Change or self-healing is not a surface or isolated event BUT A DEEPLY FELT SENSE OF PHYSICAL SELF and awareness.

SELF HEALING IS THE NEW SCIENCE NOT YET DISCOVERED. It can start with a simple thing like massage, that is a healing massage.

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