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The body is built to repair from disease and
aims for homeostasis" Deepra Chopra

Do you want more value from your massage experience?

Only after repetitions and many years of using this extraordinary healing tool can I evolve with this synergy of body and mind. The body is already intelligent and needs to be activated with the right approach and modality. You can benefit from this self-healing modality that offers a deeper connection than mere rubbing massage.


Self-healing happens incrementally and according to how open is your mindset. Being open and open to receiving and taking inventory will help you to see and appreciate the changes. If you are very negative or you want to be controlled by your mind and don't want to learn the self-healing process, you can lose the benefits.

There is a big difference in how you offer massage services and the corresponding outcome.  There are many technical or physical massages available but they are very different from intentional and energetic massages.  The approach to allow self-healing is vital to get started. Once we know the basics of self-healing then awareness will heighten as you go and how to gauge your progress. 


We can teach you this and be clear about how self-healing is incremental and how it's progressing.  If you don't look at your changes you will not know and get lost in your day-to-day. 

This is the challenge: to not overthink. Dr. Benjamin Hardy says that if you stop and keep quiet, avoid all the distractions you will have more control and be more confident.  Being clearer, more aware, and connecting with your subconscious mind will help you make clearer decisions and fulfill your goals.

Many are arriving at the clinic with a 24-7 mental treadmill.  It takes time to learn a new habit and to be aware of it and its progress but you will be a happier and more confident person! 


When you experience self-healing, you will see tangible change at different levels including physical and emotional.


You can get an idea with the videos on this page.

These are some of my non-linear observations.

  • You may not know nor understand this yet but with time and new experiences,

    you will.   Since it's a new somatic experience many are not trained to                          read the body's response.

  • And time will make this new habit a lifestyle. The neurons have to fire new thoughts and thus new learnings and wisdom.  You cannot change in a big way when you rely on the past!  But you can change bit by bit as you open up to your gains and new more subtle experiences.

  • The world of the body is silent and non-verbal and uses subtle yet powerful communication that can help us in our massage therapy to find the causes of the condition and symptoms.  We leverage the body's wisdom particularly when it's difficult to know what is going on.






This is what Tony said:

" Now I know what massage is "...said Tony Rea.

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