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Do you want to feel vibrant?


Connect with your body easily and


Experience your body (and life) deeply with Lomi Lomi massage.



















Don't get me wrong, Massage can catalyze big changes when you take ownership


and do not dismiss all the subtle and more obvious changes such as physical relief and more peace. I met many clients who are operating on a constant 24-7 treadmill and can't stop the constant non-stop thinking and rethinking and bodywork is more effective than talk therapy!

Feel more. Think less.

Being " Bodyful" is good for your body and mind. Being mindful, meditating or analyzing or worrying is not the same as living in your body.

Why bother? When you LIVE in your body you


  • are not ruminating on your habitual thoughts.


  • are enlivened, whole, grounded and more confident connected to your body and feelings

  • allowing the somatic experience to be a healing modality by itself. 

  • are an embodied awareness not governed by the external world


  • can befriend your body with all its pains and pleasures. 

  • are present and in awe and are sensorialy richer

Investment in your health:

  • New clients start at $100.00 for their first hour which includes the intake and afterwards, it's $80.00/hr for pain and stress relief massage.

  • Relaxation only with no goals

  • and "Go Back Home Reset with deep body connection " is $100.00hr

  • When you bundle 5: get a free massage relaxation gift certificate worth $60.00 for a friend or family or you. Please ask for details.

  • tax is additional

  • book and text with 2 of your time availabilities.

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