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Do you seek a "yummier" and healthier experience

in your body from massage?



















Feel more. Think less.

How about being more " Bodyful" rather than mindful" like with meditation or analysis.

Why? When you LIVE in your body you


  • are not ruminating on your habitual thoughts.


  • are enlivened, whole, grounded and more confident connected to your body and feelings

  • allow the somatic experience to be a healing modality by itself. 

  • are an embodied awareness not governed by the external world


  • can befriend your body with all its pains and pleasures. 

  • are present and in awe more often then when you cogitate.

Investment in your health:

  • New clients start at $100.00/hr then $80.00 afterwards for pain and stress relief.

  • Relaxation and "Go Back Home" is $100.00hr for a much needed real reset.

  • When you bundle 5: free massage gift certificate of 40.00 for friend or family.

Get Results with Mssage & your body's intelligen - Joanna Recine
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