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Welcome to the inward journey to the outward one because sexual performance has a deep resounding and empowering impact on all aspects of life. It is not a superficial venture, it will take all of you to forge ahead to a new YOU since you are the PILL.

An example is witnessed here.  Consider this a retreat for your body to give it a chance to heal naturally when it's in the right mental and physical state.


If an athlete is in training he builds up his resilience for days and years but in reality he gets engaged with this art and tracks his experience and progress, the same with you but it's stress-free.


Can you handle several massages that would change the outcome many years in the future? 


Are you ready to do what it takes to get well?  Or do you want a 5-minute routine?  If you look around with so few natural Men's Sexual Health alternatives available, you can imagine that these transformations are little miracles of life because of the big changes that occur. What do you think?


You can improve your sexual performance with a physical and energetic approach that activates the sexual reproductive systems and relevant points and flow with your empowering awareness.  If you need details you can read the protocol here but it's not about the protocol it's about how you respond and get engaged and integrate the new changes as you go and trust your body. 


Getting out of their head and focusing on the body. Giving your head a needed break may be uncomfortable for some but it's worth learning the art of being embodied due to the results we expect. You can read about Men's health Enhancement with massage therapy but the results come with the somatic experiences and learning new languages of the body. Expect changes, you cannot expect to make such big changes happen if you don't change something in yourself.  This change process is very humbling, but you will be able to if your goals and will are big enough.


Men's Sexual and Prostate Health Clinic in Toronto leverages a highly effective alternative massage therapy to support men during difficult times with debilitating symptoms.  After 15 years, we know what success looks like and what healing looks like and we build this process on results to improve and maintain the quality of their life substantially. Our techniques are based on well-proven techniques and not books or hearsay  We will listen to your requirements and you will learn to listen to your body.


If you are interested to improve your prostate health with external prostate massage and prevention please peruse here.


As you know talk can only go so far and physical therapy is very limited and superficial, we transcend the physical to energy-based and body-mind interaction and holistic health.

We offer professional non-intrusive solutions and expect results, thus not erotic which is short-term gratification.  No matter what you learn intellectually here, often you will relate to your past or what you know, unfortunately, your understanding will only be complete when you experience the self-healing of men's sexual health.  It's all about experience ,  and this is expressed by another male client.


Somatic protocols for Men's sexual health  are specific and focused on your health and sexual functions and enlarged prostate if needed;

  • improve your circulation; 

  • rejuvenate your sexual glands;

  • wake up your body and your body's responses;

  • build confidence.

Well-proven and adapted Chinese and energy techniques and special oils such as energy scans and acupressure and reflexology with body and mind awareness will enhance your sexual functions significantly at every session to improve incrementally your: 

erection/hardness, libido/desire and ability to feel/orgasm.

​Ancient and new energy techniques of

massage and special oils and awareness exercises if needed will build your body, you, and your confidence. Your connection to your body will wake up your innate capacity to self-heal to the point of transformation. You will learn through positive experiences to trust your body.  That is how you trust your body, bit by bit.  Your body is intelligent, allowing it to self-heal within a stress-free and long enough period. Don't expect a one-session fix. These are the basic symptoms and techniques for men's health.


thus probably the most important success factor is your engagement. One of the goals is to increase the circulation of blood and the flow of chi of course but you are not apart from this experience. We build from the inside, not from the outside as with external tools. Will you make this work for you?  When you are committed to sexual wellness, it is incredible how things can change during this journey.


Many relevant causative issues are mental such as attention deficiency and depression or overstressed and also prescription drugs.  This can be part of the problem and these causes need to be understood for the best results.  Some drugs have many contraindications and are counterproductive to sexual relations. Looking at the holistic situation and your lifestyle as part of the plan cannot be replaced with a mechanical routine on your body without treating you like a human being.  


Some of the goals are to build health and better circulation and flow for overall wellness and specifically the important areas of the core too.​ Your health will determine or affect your outcome, if you are very healthy it's easier to improve and empower your masculinity. If you are diabetic for example, it weakens all your systems and needs to be looked at how to improve, you cannot dismiss it.


This is not a new problem and it happens to the best of us whether it is temporary or a sign of health we move forward and recover.  This is not real life and we don't need to get worried but just let the body do what it does best, self-heal, thus no need to have performance stressors. I facilitate your journey to empowered masculinity no matter how you are doing when we choose to journey together.  Just get it done because no one else is stopping you.


A healthy body which has the energy to have sex easily and enjoyably with the appropriate hardness, and endurance according to your standards. The quantifiable nature of this depends on your experience, life, sexuality and desires and so does culture.




We hold so much power within and your thinking and conduct can affect you. You can slow it down with the right living, thinking and conditions.

Aging is a bit like mind control but in reverse.

A study in the USA  was conducted with a group of senior men who lived in a place where everything looked like 30 years ago...and they were able to reverse aging, pain and demeanour. They were told to act like they were 30 years younger, and it affected their overall health positively! Many even grew taller and could walk without a cane.


because we focus on natural and innate means from the inside out that will build and maintain.  There are no drugs or needles and electricity, as external tools. (Men's health clinic operated by doctors costs $2400 using electrical currents.

and with the right attitude and  knowledge of the body and the mind and self-healing

you will experience in your body changes as you go and when you take inventory and tune in and trust your body.


You can listen to this video for another great experience.


Meet Tony, whose job wouldn't give him (or he wouldn't allow himself)

a mental break. It was also infiltrating his bedroom and

he was not able to have sex the way he wanted with his wife.

I did not hear back from his wife, but this is what his children said after 2 sessions.

" Our dad is back".

Meet Frank,  "I was in a difficult place before joanna and didn't know if I can get back my normal with my wife.  Since I never experienced this before I wondered how far this would go. Plus, I was urinating at night time frequently... The urination at night stopped and I was having enjoyable sex again after a couple of sessions. However, I learned about what was truly going on when I took the time to reflect and when I dropped into my body and got grounded that I truly felt the changes. So good to be here now."

please read what is the first step for Men's Sexual health here.

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