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"The body's capacity to feel sensations and joy is unlimited
while the mind ruminates in the past."


Some of the reviews of this not-so-regular body massage

1-One of my experiencers felt that her " mind was clearer "

after Lomi Lomi massage. Her demeanour changed and she took a stand for herself which really startled me. 


This takes a bit of time to ground the new information and having a second person helps to see outside of habitual thinking. Self-healing is often a change in perception of who you are and your beliefs.

Many subtle things occur and it's important to talk to the practitioners because those changes are groundbreaking and may not be perceived as such since they don't know the language of self-healing yet.

2- Another recent experiencer finally smiled freely and felt herself even after a year of nonstop stress from work and her mother's passing. She was overwhelmed and couldn't stop that cycle but this massage experience showed her that she can change and perceive the whirlwind of life from a distance.

3- One young electrician realized that he had to go back home to the UK to help the farm business that was going to close down with his parent's aging. Finally felt a strong purpose to do something that would make a difference.

4- ​" After so many years of massage, I actually didn't know what massage really was until he tried Lomi Lomi massage. " 

5- "I feel more confident and clearer and the physicality has helped me to get unstuck from this 24-7 treadmill in my mind.  I am so grateful that I went further"

6- "I did not feel this good in a long time, and I still feel it for days, even my energy has revved up."

7- Eddie's testimonial 

"Life has been heavily overwhelming and a real struggle for me and I wanted to start a massage routine for stress release.



I've also studied energy medicine in the past and am thus intrigued by how Joanna would incorporate it into a massage. After meeting her I was incredibly impressed by her knowledge and experience and felt joy and in great hands.


My time spent with Joanna has given me feelings of ease mentally and physically, I find it hard to describe but after several hours with Joanna, in the days following, I experienced a weight that has been lifted. Emotional weight has been let go from different parts of my body and I feel lighter. That's the only way I'm able to explain it.


My day-to-day life and interactions are easier and take less effort. I've had trouble relaxing and winding down and these sessions have calmed my racing mind I feel rejuvenated and have no guilt about taking time for myself.

Joanna has a gift and I have definitely found a gem, She has shown me what life can feel like without negative feelings and emotions and I'm joyed with the positivity that is now showing up in my life.



It's a journey and it is really helping me and I will continue to pursue these sessions to find my power and live the life that I want."

It is very interesting and genuine how Eddie feels" no longer encumbered by this past".


Sometimes we cannot necessarily put our finger on it on what is going on and what is changing but when you look at yourself long enough you will.


Many past events weigh us down...This is written in Eddie's words which you may resonate with and find gems for your own life.

8- One loyal customer said, "It's very therapeutic".

9- Several recent clients said, " I am much more confident and clear".

10.-" I feel so good" The language is insufficient to describe all these different states and feelings and often is misunderstood as to what this means. 

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