This Chinese modality is over 2000 years old and it's a medicinal approach to your health

It has relevant scientific research that explains how each point activates healing and in what zones, organs, and symptoms.  It is a very precise technology even today. 


We use hands-on, on specific acupressure points.

This experience is more sensitive than using needles since we feel the energy in our hands.    It is conducive to benefit your health because it moves chi where it is needed and beyond the skin experience. Moving chi from obstructed areas in meridians will activate a healthy response to pain, stress or condition relief.


Acupressure modality is so empowering

because it is easy to find out where there are problems

and how you can help.  For example, it is valuable to use acupressure on the spinal cord which connects with nerve endings and with all body parts, organs including blood and bones.  Reflexology does wonders too. Try it!


It is a more soothing self-healing massage without the needles

and some clients love it! There are some strategic points on the arms, for example, to relieve you of stress which has benefited many clients with upper torso pains and tensions in the neck and shoulders or general stress.


Strategically applied pressure on acupressure points on meridians

enables the body to resist external and internal stressors and illness.  Many changes have a long-term impact when you treat the cause and persist with your treatments for a reasonable period of time. Acupressure isn’t just a remedy; it’s also a preventive measure. 


Acupressure can detect an imbalance and disharmony on an energetic level

to treat and prevent disease.  The disease is the last stage of a process that begins with. Why not open up the flow in your body and break down stagnation?  Much better than receiving invasive surgery or treatment. 


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