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"The body's capacity to feel sensations and joy is unlimited
while the mind ruminates in the past."


Lomi massage is a freeing experience in your body

that slows you down and pours peace into the inner landscape of your mind.

Many say " I feel so good"  but it's hard to capture the details because the language of the body is elusive and to be learned by many. When you connect to the body, it feels better and better because you restore.

One loyal customer would say "it's very therapeutic".


And giving yourself a mental break will heighten the experience during the Lomi Lomi massage. And if you want to progress further you can deepen this nurturing practice and make it your own, and even improve your productivity and your response to stress.


Yes, you can feel relaxed and restored, free of tension truly. Experience something new!

Lomi Lomi Massage is different from regular massages?

It's a spiritual modality from Hawaii as described in their teachings however, I would















say it's energy-based because it transcends the physical. The somatic feelings have more breadth and depth and linger.  It is an experience in your body and connects you to your body more and more, as you do it.  


The techniques are not like regular massage such as Swedish.


The forearm movements are wide and long and embracing and comforting.  However, it's all the experience between the giver, receiver and the body that gives it power.

The magical outcome occurs when the recipient is also all in too, and is willing to let go.


Let go of the body.

What is unique?

You can expect a different outcome when the mind is freed up of overthinking with an energetic experience rather than a physical one.  Being embodied and learning to be embodied is a crucial self-care activity that probably can be conducive to the biggest transformation. You will have your very own unique experience!


Being embodied helps you ground your presence in all aspects of your daily life.

While many are used to fleeting sensations from a regular massage because that is what was normalized.  There is more, Lomi Lomi massage is a more enveloping and all-embracing experience for clients to restore body and mind.

This is a body-mind engagement and the experience is personal to each person. We can adapt other modalities with other qualities of pain relief such as Acupressure!

Less stress offers more joy and more confidence as Roy said.

You cannot compare different modalities because Lomi Lomi Massage is more intuitive and intentional, not robotic,  In addition, it's subjective and all will experience will differ for every person.

2 recent clients said " I am much more confident"

Do you know what it means to live in the head?

Living an embodied life is a very different feeling than living 100 percent in your head.  Overthinking has robbed many of their joys as I witnessed in others.

Clients experience differently, these are some of the reviews:

One of my experiences felt that her mind was clearer after Lomi Lomi massage. Many subtle things occur and it's important to talk to practitioners because those changes are groundbreaking and may not be perceived.

And her demeanour changed on and she took a stand for herself.  This takes a bit of time to ground the new information and having a second person helps to see outside of habitual thinking. Self-healing is often a change in perception of who you are and that can include beliefs.

One recent experiencer finally smiled freely and felt herself even after a year of nonstop stress from work and her mother's passing. She was overwhelmed and couldn't stop that cycle but this massage experience showed her that she can change and perceive the whirlwind of life differently.

One young electrician realized that he had to go back to help the farm business that was going to close down with his parent's aging. Finally felt the purpose to do something that would make a difference.

​" After so many years of massage, I actually didn't know what massage really was until he tried Lomi Lomi massage. " 

"I feel more confident and clearer and the physicality has helped me to get unstuck. I am so grateful that I went further"

"I did not feel this good in a long time, and I still feel it for days, even my energy has revved up."

We recommend 

We recommend you book 2 hours of massage as a retreat

for the greatest experience to decompress. How to benefit from the slow, energy-raising experience?  By being part of it and getting engaged. 

We use oils on your naked body.  You are not dressed. Use small or larger cotton towels depending on the weather. 

Some clients want Lomi massage only and some like to fuse with other modalities such as acupressure, reflexology or Thai stretch. It's all good and it works well together. You can try it and see what works.

If you book for 1 hour it is considered a sample and it starts at 100.00 for new clients since there is also an intake.

The rate is $80.00, and the tax is added when you book 1.5 hours and more.

The massages offered are here.

If you have problems with urination due to enlarged prostate.


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