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Lomi is an intentional and holistic process, where I  experienced expansiveness and freedom.  With the long wave-like motions from top to bottom and the swaying, and feeling peace.... hopefully, this feeling will be transferable to you too.  This ability to change the atmosphere and alchemize body and mind attracted me to this healing art.

Lomi massage is a beautiful and immersive experience often described as spiritual and healing that the Hawaiians initiated hundreds of years ago.  Based on my experiences, they were right, and here are a few of my observations:


  • more intuitive and fluid with broader benefits

  • elevates your emotions

  • softens your mind

  • more expansive with a fluid expression

Lomi Lomi massage is different period.  Are you like your brother or mother? Is your food like your neighbour's?  Regular massage is described often as localized or muscular or fascia massage or full body or deep tissue and it was never meant to change you.


Lomi massage is a freeing experience for your body that your mind can't resist. 

  • changes and resets people,

  • helps the flow bringing a new leash to life! 

  • frees your body and mind of what is hindering you, 

  • melts away layers and you are lighter,

  • ​decompresses,

  • enhances your circulation,

  • slows you down,

  • resets the parasympathetic nervous system,

  • opens your body and your mind,

  • feels a change in temperature and many different body responses,

  • teaches you to trust the body,

  • relieves pain and stress,

  • creates a dance of energy between body and giver and receiver,

  • pours peace into your heart and in the inner landscape of your mind.

If massage cannot change you even a little to see beyond the past and habitual thinking then it has not done its job!


There is a passage in one of Bob Dylan's songs, where he talks about "seeing through a crack,  in the wall".   This is what massage can do at first glance, it helps you get a fast glimpse of new information that there is another way of being.  All you need is the possibility to show up and to catch it  through a small lens of time on a massage table and that you can integrate into your life also later.


You can break the trance of busyness when you stay still without a phone and be with yourself. When we cross the boundaries of a relaxing massage, be assured that something more profound is happening. Massage can be a very useful tool t break that dependence on repetitive thinking.

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