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About Joanna Recine

and her experiences

Licensed Holistic Massage Practitioner

over 15 years of experience

Founder of Intelligent Body Massage

Highly Skilled Shift er and Self-healer 


Reach wholeness and freedom with internal work such as massage and chi exercises and stillness.

Advance humanity with self-healing practice

I found my home in my body

and its’ gentle cues. This was a meaningful journey nurtured by the body’s restoration and wisdom. Chi, the God chi and the capacity to heal oneself and shifting are my passions


This is a healing journey of meaningful touch and conversations. Its been a wonderful dance of chi between me and the recipients and thank you for sharing this process with me.

Will you join me? Do you want to learn to be a practitioner?

With the right approach, attitude and connection to body

intention and techniques, we wake up powerfully the body's innate system to self-heal. 


Beyond the finite physical relaxing 1-hr massage, we found a body that wants to help us and will find the natural solutions.

These are the different massages available.


Many ask me."How did I get here"?

Some of the landmarks that lead me to massage therapy:

My first healing event

that I recall was at least 2 decades ago before my massage career. when I was massaging my friend’s back due to his pain I was startled by this extreme heat.


I mistook it for menopause, but no it was a sign of his relief from pain!

During my Chinese Head Massage course,

I experienced CHI in a big way. During the practice period, I observed a glow emanating from a much more rejuvenated and sharp face.


After this rare epiphany, JR thought it would be natural to harness Chi’s natural powers.


After enjoying her pharmaceutical sales career in anesthesia,


she left with an inedible memory of the open-heart surgery she was invited to see at Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal. This scared her enough to choose the natural path for herself and others.

The body, when epitomized as the temple,

as in the sacred texts, has great meaning and solace for a survivor of 2 narcissistic parents. 

When constantly pushed to the limits, the mind can at least take refuge in the body’s embrace and breath.

Massage is an untapped goldmine

with so much more physical, energetic and emotional value than we appropriate it with. You cannot deny how people feel renewed, happy, well and have reduced symptoms and particularly how babies and pets and seniors survive better by being touched and adults too!


The clients' experiences were so positive and empowering that only time would be able to validate and even teach me much more. 


Massage therapy offers a very fast decompressing and unplugging process that lasts for days and weeks with an intentional approach and embodied awareness.


Many remain on their psychological treadmill 24-7 because they just can't stop doing or reaching goal after goal habit. Fortunately, I have seen C-Level professionals start enjoying life more after these massage sessions!

Reviews are  here.

And what do you seek from life?

The positive effects of bodywork are derived also from the shifts that you can perceive. They can change your outlook and help you gain a stronger sense of self and perceive how powerful you are and your place in the world. All this in a couple of sessions.

It is very humbling to deal with the body

 and to support others to connect inside.  In its own subtle

way and language, the body guides and initiates you in your health journey and awakening through its language.

There is no better place to be than working with the body’s truth.  A forgiving and giving body that brings hope and coherence.

Children learn how to connect to the body faster

is a sign that you don't need a Ph.D. to delve into your inner world. Adults use extra layers to process info intellectually and are based on the past. You cannot use the past to understand unknown topics about the body, thus you can let the body lead. The body tells the truth.

The many physical and psychological positive changes


that language cannot describe properly.  We cannot use linear thinking for a nonlinear activity.  And we are not completely aware of the myriad of 1000s of thoughts, emotions and biochemical responses. 

However, I experienced in the industry mostly practitioners focused on routine massage techniques.  When you can raise the notch up with a healing intention leveraging an intelligent body.  And you can build an energetic flow and trust in your body’s innate capacity. 

Thank you for reading me

from my healing journey to yours


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