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A Journey That Touches Lives

Licensed Massage with 15 years of experience.

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Joanna is fascinated with Energy particularly healing energy and nurturing aspects of life that underpin all life forms.   Learning how the body expresses its needs helps us shift as human beings and become more human!  How much do we need this state in these very moments?


And what a wonderful purpose to activate what is innate already. Many forgot or have not learned or are focused on honing mental skills only.  The body's awareness gave me peace and confidence and a friend that I can rely upon.  The body holds the temple as said in the sacred texts, you need to take care of it or else it's taken away.


15 years of experience in the clinic, one body at a time has amassed wisdom about how the body works and talks to truly help restore bodies from stress and pain: well-proven with client's transformation.


My first 2 experiences of self-healing paved the way for more growth in this new field of self-healing which depends on a stronger connection to your inner landscape and body. Can you imagine that the body provides solutions when the mind cannot even perceive but is stuck in overanalyzing?  The body knows best, let it do what it does best.

When focusing on the body and its pressure points, the body responds.

the more I listened and the more the body finds solutions.

the more I asked questions and the more the body tells us exactly what it needs

and where it needs to go...

the more I trusted the body...the more the body gave back.

The more we were present, the more forgiving the body.


Many "heady" scientists claim that the mind is the prime change agent and dictates the body.  Sure, it can be particularly important to imagine the act and it can happen in a certain way but it's more important for this goal to follow and allow the body's unique capacity to self-heal naturally. Getting into the body has been my beautiful experience! When you are trained to think about it too much, you are not allowing the experiential to teach you new states and perceptions.  The body needs space for expressions and meditation does not replace the total body experience. 


You need to experience to heal and know in your head too later bot before.  The foundation of my work is based on self-healing here.


What a wonderful journey in our body's temple that massage provides when it literally changes how you feel physically and emotionally!  It has been a wonderful journey inside for me and has thought me much about how we are as powerful as human beings.


The giver and recipient synergize in this self-healing journey, exploring the power and intelligence of the body and the life-affirming benefits of positive energy every step of the way, and incrementally it will change and show you that it's possible so you can go a bit further. And start trusting your body more and more. It's ok it's a new language.


In my" past life", I worked in the pharmaceutical industry in hospitals and also corporate sales, where I learned the gift of being present with the thousands of conversations with doctors, anesthetists, and CFO, whereby listening and understanding and even taking enormous notes, was the only way to be very successful. I didn’t know at the time, that this deep awareness held the keys to exploring an incredible body of work that uses old technology of body systems such as meridians and acupressure, but in a different and more expansive way. We find out that the maps are available out there, but the body has its own way internally to repair and it's not just necessarily an external specific movement.


As I was trained in bodywork during my Chinese head massage more than a decade ago, I noticed something that changed my very being. I saw the Light! but on somebody's face.  When the mind and body connect as one and combines with presence, it leads to a powerful self-healing process that manifests with the most beautiful glow and sharpness on what seemed to be a rejuvenated face. I imagined what was happening also internally to provide such an evident shift and with such brightness! I knew that I had to follow the chi that held the secrets to our existence and youth.


It’s indescribable in words what is a transformative moment, but I experience it every time I connect deep within myself and listen to you as your body speaks. Energy, time, consciousness, and engagement work in perfect harmony to create feelings of lightness and hope that make a person shine brighter than anything I’ve ever experienced. 


The experiences are as fulfilling and real as some of my client's testimonials here.


By listening to my clients' signals and somatic expressions and also the mind with ancient modalities such as Acupressure and Reflexology and my very own signature body Scans and Intelligent Body Massage protocol, I can now transcend the known powerful healing potential of the meridian and acupoints' standard usage. Since the start of my journey, I have never looked back, and I can guide you on your path to wholeness and hope.


You can also self-heal and be present in your body’s truth.

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