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a flexible mind is part of healing
joanna recine






 The content:

  • The mission

  • I found my refuge in the body

  • Many ask me."How did I get here"?

  • It is very humbling to deal with the body

  • Children know

  • Many physical and psychological positive changes

  • With the right approach, attitude, and connection to the body

With the right approach, attitude, and connection to the body,

intention and techniques, we wake up powerfully the body's innate system to self-heal. 


Beyond the finite physical relaxing 1-hr massage, we found a body that wants to help us and will find the natural solutions.

There are deep and subtle currents, body responses, that can be appropriated during a massage if you catch it, and you may never be the same person because of it. We are often shifting and cleaning up our beliefs and perhaps outdated thinking processes.


I can say that I am an expert in shifting my perspectives and moving forward more freely. You can now progress with more freedom.

Many physical and psychological positive changes


that are difficult to explain clearly with our limited language.  Linear thinking can't be used to explain nonlinear activity including massage or any form of healing or creative workWe are not completely aware of the hundreds of somatic responses and the myriad of 1000s of thoughts, emotions and biochemical responses that we experience during life, changes and self-healing. We are not aware fully but with some willpower, we can!

However, I experienced in this massage industry what is mostly a technique-based approach without a self-healing focus. Routine massage techniques are used and practitioner don't believe they should ask how their clients are doing and improving. 

When the opposite is available, raise the notch with a healing intention leveraging your intelligent body.  You can build an energetic flow to improve your health again and trust your body’s innate capacity.

Thank you for reading me

from my healing journey to yours

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