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42 year life fell under in 2 months with prostate and sexual problems and was changed with natural men's health therapy
client had reduced urinary frequency to 50%  from external prostate therapy
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Many men are now calling me after the Men's clinic's electrical treatments.  They did not experience any changes in sexual and prostate health. Most men tell me they feel nothing in their body nor after the treatments with electrical currents performed by nurses.


As you can read from the above review, after only the first therapy with Joanna, Fran a man of First Nations, already felt the important body area open up. 


This was awesome since he had not felt for 10 years! Let the body open and get more energy and circulation can help the body recover.  When the body responds you will feel the changes at a physical or energetic level and you will have the proof it's working for you.


-  I am glad that I decided to stop the many urinary symptoms caused by my enlarged prostate...We took inventory and many things changed during the weeks


--the first week I had 1 time with no pee and the timing changed to less disruptive times.

--In week 2 ...3 times I had 0 pee and had more forcible urination..and less dribble...


This is a very good start and enjoying my restful sleep.  This was not easy for me since I am very cerebral but I am learning to trust my body. 


I had a few issues with men's health and my anxiety was starting to bother me more and more; affecting my productivity and concentration. 

It seems like my mind and sexuality got better and better as I advanced with this protocol and they were connected. 

I had my first session this week and felt the distinct differences when my mind was not tormenting me! I never felt so good and when my mind was not chatting I felt joy and freedom never felt for over a decade. 

I am learning about getting grounded and not allowing the mind to break me...It is a new habit I believe but now I know how I can live differently and I want to change.


-  I am a very busy and busy owner, and now in my 50's I find it's catching up with me.  I wanted to stop these prostate urinary symptoms among other things  My symptoms dropped drastically after the external prostate and was so surprised that I didn't know how to talk about it.


...and I learned that my mind was taking over too much space. I was no longer present as much as I should have for my wife and kids. 



This body-mind connection learning got me to rethink how I manage my thought life and bring me to watch myself and my health more...This brought me more compassion in all aspects of my being. 


You cannot imagine what this is doing to me physically and emotionally when I am more connected and whole.

-I am a semi-retired electrician and was tired of my sleepless nights

and for 6 years was very drained by lack of sleep from 3-4 times urination at night time and (dribble, urgency). Nothing worked to change the situation and was very surprised that after my first session of pre-men's health, my urination dropped to 50% at least, to 1-2 times a night and my sleep was so much better.

This has been a blessing to be able to walk at the park without worrying about urgency and having control over my urination in general.

On my second session, I was no longer urinating at night time and was able to do all my chores easily and fearlessly. This is like a new beginning and I can make plans.

Also had to deal with some major changes in my family's psychology and had difficulty getting accustomed to that.  Joanna was able to pick up on that and helped me "work on those emotions" as she would say by journalling.  This is new for me too but it certainly helps me stay grounded and coherent. I save so much time and effort with Joanna and am not required to get support elsewhere. Thank you!!

I am doing the external prostate massage and had real trouble sleeping and urinating 1-2 times a night and other symptoms. On the first week of my treatment, I slept through the first 2 days and that was incredible. Then I only urinated 1 a night. Even my demeanour has changed to a more peaceful and patient man. Imagine finally resting and being restored from your sleep! You are a new man. I am not giving up, I have 4 more treatments to do.

Brian's recent video testimony is below:

he can now sleep through the night without urinating 3 to 4 times.  And he can walk in the park without any disturbance and even and be rested.

-I researched prostate therapy

and decided to try out Joanna's protocol with external prostate therapy. Am I ever glad I went? She did well in explaining how the body-mind affects the outcome and I felt a greater ease to give it my all to make it work.  I became very conscious of the whole process.


After 3 days we connect to see how I am doing. Verbalizing your outcome is very important and makes it real since it's hard to believe at times that you have changed.


I finally slept the first 3 days! I went 0 times the first 2 days and only once on the third night!  I was urinating 2-3 a night for 4 years and taking pharmaceuticals all along. This is a true lesson in believing in myself and my body too and more.

So happy I took action and looking forward to the other results.

Meet Tony, whose job wouldn't give him (or he wouldn't allow himself)

a mental break. It was also infiltrating his bedroom and

he was not able to have sex the way he wanted with his wife.

I did not hear back from his wife, but this is what his children said after 2 sessions.

​​" Our dad is back".

Meet Frank,  "I was in a difficult place before Joanna and didn't


now if I could get back my normal with my wife.  Since I never experienced this before I wondered how far this would go. Plus, I was urinating at night time frequently...


RESULTS: The urination at night stopped and I was having enjoyable sex again after a couple of sessions. However, I learned about what was truly going on when I took the time to reflect and when I dropped into my body and got grounded that I truly felt the changes. So good to be here now."

Meet K, " My doctor told me to get a prostate massage since she


said that I should not be on pills for the rest of my life  I found this health journey incredible because I got to see changes from the pre-men's health therapy too. It dropped 1 frequency at night time!

This whole journey was astounding and improved as we did the decompressing 2-hour message which showed me that I was very stressed.

From the first few hours, my frequency of urination already dropped and I started to sleep better. But to know that my body had pains where I didn't know was quite a surprise. I am glad that I took the initiative.

- I am in my 50's and work in IT. I started to feel tired in my


private/intimate life.  The fact that I did not sleep at night with my prostate problem did not help me either.


I don't understand how you can place your hand in certain areas and then the problem stops. But I can only truly understand tangible things due to my job but this process works.

Looking forward to many restful periods of sleep and normal bladder functions with less emergency and urinary retention. 


Thank you for all your help.


- I am a semi-retired electrician, was very drained for 6 years


by lack of sleep from 3-4 times urination at night time and (dribble,  urgency). Nothing worked to change the situation was very surprised that after my first session of pre-men's health, my urination dropped to 50% at least, to 1-2 times a night and my sleep was so much better.

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