Do you seek answers to what is happening in the body?

What is the cause of this problem?


Where are the obstructions in the body?

We may be able to help you in a non-painful and non-intrusive, and safely, with the "intelligent scan".  Book 1.5 hours and your scanning is included.

As we journeyed in your temples, bodies,
we discovered that everybody has their own response to touch and energy whether it be pain or pleasure or no feelings.  And so the bodies have their own language and will talk to us. When we listen we learn much.  There is a beautiful dance of exchanges between the body and the person and the practitioner and much information comes forth. 

However, there were standard responses which showed that the body's language is usable and helpful. And the body is a living, loving entity willing to help you discover your body and also find solutions.

  • what does the body need?

  • what is the body trying to resolve or resolving?

  • what is the body trying to connect?

  • where is the energy moving?

  • where is the blood needed?

You do not need to be intuitive or prophetic to tune in.

We just needed the right questions and open-mindedness.

Changes occur as we went deeper into the world of the body's interconnected intelligent system, the body just needs to be connected.  Your awareness will allow this energetic exchange.

We have developed energetic tools
to find out where there are blockages and needs in your body
to direct us to what needs to be catered to.

These are the very own body's intelligent tools
that is truly amazing.


It needs you to listen to the body's signals.