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Do you seek the causes of your ailments?

Do you know that there is a method to ask the intelligent body?

Do you want to know why there is a problem? Does your doctor have difficulty to pinpoint what is going on and why you are sick? 


We can help clients in a pain-free, non-intrusive and safe manner to know what is the cause (s) of the problem or pain.


The "intelligent scan" has been an effective

and precise tool to understand the body. The body-mind connection is real, and the body can find solutions that the mind can't find. This time you will look at the body's perspective and not just the mind which is often perceived as more important by most doctors and meditation professionals.  I can help you connect with this field when I experienced it in subtle ways for many years. This cannot be explained in linear language, I suggest you ponder on it rather than dissect it.


The body can give you info from the body that will you help you find the cause of the problem. These innate body's intelligent tools are not sourced from the brain's operating system. 


We have developed energetic tools to know physically in your body through physical sensations.  It is incredible how most clients get there and are able to hear the answers  We want to find out where there are the blockages and needs in your body.

It's truly amazing when you are present and listen to the body's signals.  

And bodies have their own language and will talk to us if we listen.  When we listen, we learn much.  The body is a living and wise self-managed entity that responds to self-care and gives back plenty.    We can direct our energy and time to those areas that cause of the problem and from head to feet.


As we journeyed in your temples, bodies,
we discovered that everybody has their own response to touch and energy whether it be pain or pleasure or numbing feelings.  And there were standard responses which showed that the body's language is usable and helpful. The body would respond differently for example if there are many prescriptions or not and the body's response are the epitome of your life and lifestyle.



And the body is a living, loving entity willing to help you discover and self-heal your body and also find solutions.  The body has shown that it is very forgiving and giving and helpful when you trust and relate.


You do not need to be intuitive or prophetic to tune in.
We just needed the right questions and open-mindedness.

Book 1.5 hours and your scanning is included.

You may like to book a lomi lomi massage or a reflexology or Thai massage?

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