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 What if your body held the answers to improve your health?


Depending on your requirements, health, and goals,


we adapt to you with well-proven holistic massage techniques and special oils.  An incremental and effective process will relieve your men's health concernssexuality  and or prostate.

The self-healing process is non-linear.

It's not an intellectual endeavour but a somatic one. You don't need to know how intellectually.

If you have difficulty comprehending you can engage with the process and you will learn as you go. 

These are the areas we treat and the respective symptoms:


  • Sexual Health: libido, ED, erectile dysfunction, endurance

  • Prostate Health: frequent urination, urinary retention and urgency and dribbling

Some of the protocols:

Chinese-based techniques such as acupressure, specialized oils, energy massage, and intuitive scans are highly focused to help self-heal your enlarged prostate and or sexual performance.

This medicinal and intentional massage therapy is based on incremental changes that occur with every session and that build.   The process intelligently uses the body's energetic points to bring change where it's needed. 


You will get better and better. We will help you progress and know how to gauge your progress.

This is a holistic massage within a process that wakes up your body deeply and maintains.

to affect restoration and health for a long-lasting impact on prostate and/or sexual health and works at a different pace and intensity for every individual.


Self-healing is an art to learn as you. You cannot dismiss it in one session only. New habits need weeks to be integrated, please be patient with this new body language. 


Giving up can mean losing the opportunity of a symptom-free and happier life.  IT IS A PROCESS OF ENERGETIC DISCOVERIES! Give the body time to self-heal.

We focus on your self-healing, body connection, and results

with somatic therapies that are natural and empowering from within. External support can't bring the long-lasting results that your own body can! Your healthier lifestyle such as diet and exercise can help support you also in this healthy journey.  

You can enhance your health at a deeper level by leveraging your awareness with your body's intelligence. Every subtle observation will bring you to the next level.  Go with the flow.  Build. Trust your body.

As you may know by now, this treatment is not

  • an erotic, sexual, entertainment or intrusive

  • sports massage or Lomi Lomi or a full-body massage

  • It's not a point or a movement or a physical quick fix

  • Just a physical and local massage of the muscles or fascia or a sports massage is not a men's health protocol and cannot be conducive to our expected results.


The first session is the start of the somatic learning curve.

stress-free pre-men's health to experience self-healing and detect the health of your sexual glands and bladder, and how you resonate with awareness and being embodied.


We will decide then to continue together on this wonderful journey of sexual wellness.

You will fill in a form to ensure we are focused on what matters.

If you want results (not just techniques) please call us to discuss your situation

for a 15-minute free phone chat at 416 6544325.  

This may be new for you, thus it's best you read what you can and call us.

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