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We start the wonderful journey of the somatic learning curve.

Being aware of your body is the foundation to build the Men's Health Massage therapy for prostate and sexual health. As you know you are not relying on a pill and forgetting it all. 

Please be patient, this is an inside job and change is incremental. Does that make sense?  As you trust your body and see changes you will move progress like compounded interest!

When we meet we can discuss your particular situation, symptoms and goals and decide on an action plan whether you need prostate and or sexual therapies. 

  •  Pre-men's health is to help you experience self-healing and to open your mind to it.

  •  Detect the health of your sexual glands and bladder etc and obstructions

  •  To resonate with embodied awareness 




After our discussion, we start with a general relaxing self-healing massage to help you get into the zone with the above-expressed goals.

We will choose to collaborate on your health journey after the PRE MEN'S HEALTH and your better understanding and appreciation of the self-healing protocol. 


Please call to discuss your situation with me at 416 6544325

It's a 1.5-hour quite intense learning for only $200.00 plus tax. Many get results but it's not the men's health protocol and the goal is for you to trust your body's wisdom. The prices are reasonable given the big changes I see in clients during their whole engagement that build up.


Please no last-minute appointments, this is a process where energy follows your thoughts too.

Thank you for taking the initiative to improve your health and for many future years.

If you need a summary of men's health non-intrusive therapies go here.

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