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External prostate massage



  • You are tired of the stressful condition you live in caused by an overactive bladder and are committed to getting results within a reasonable period of time.

  • Usually very beneficial for more mature or senior men (55 plus) but there are younger men in their 40s with this problem recently and had the same success.


  • Normal chores are not possible 100pc due to a symptomatic enlarged prostate. 


  • Unfortunately many suffer from often overactive urination at night and urgency or dribble or retention during the daytime due to an enlarged prostate whether diagnosed or not.


  • Symptoms and intensities vary but there are usually many common denominators. 

  • You may suffer silently from sexual weakening of your functions from hardness to endurance and libido but you don't think its meant for you.


  • You are open and willing to try a restorative well-proven natural external option with long-lasting results and not focused on erotic or anal manipulation. External prostate massage doesn't require any add-on or milking or intrusive manipulation.

  • If you can follow the simple self-healing process and allow it to work and build every week you will be surprised at your improvements in less than a month.

  • It's simple to let the body self-heal but we have learned to control many things according to the mind's expectations  even though you don't know how this works until you do it.


  • As long as you experience the process and you are humble enough to see what is happening and take inventory, you will do very well. 

  • Just do it and expect, no need to doubt and overanalyze. 

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