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Are you seeking a natural, well-proven
and results-based massage therapy

to relieve your enlarged prostate
and or invigorate sexual functions?


video testimonial

Life has changed
after an external prostate massage therapy for Dave above!

Dave had an enlarged prostate as diagnosed by the doctor and was suffering from many disruptions during sleep due to urinary frequency among other symptoms.

Today he leads a normal life and sleep patterns and is still benefiting from his prostate therapy even after 13 years.  He has almost no urinary symptoms and he can continue to work in his 60s. Maybe he can urinate once a night for a whole week. 

He can sleep and feel rejuvenated with no more bathroom torment and premature aging from the energy-draining enlarged prostate symptoms. In addition, he can still hold a job today stress-free. The aging process has been averted in this way too.

Before the sessions with he urinated at least 3-4 times a night and dribbled and now the urinary symptoms are gone.


Written testimonial

Donald  Edward
shows us how much is involved in trying to find a solution with Western medicine particularly when he is too young to have all those men's health symptoms.  He did many tests at the clinic with no possible solution. He was devastated to be so young and with so many issues quickly showing up in 2 months. 

His urination was out of control, urinating at night 2-3 times and dribbling. 

The client was in his early 40s and had prostate and sexual issues. He was in a hurry to change since he never experienced any downturn in that area.   

After 2 years of the treatment, he is still symptoms free and enjoys a very healthy sex life with his wife. That was part of a very long review he wrote that would not fit properly on this page.


video testimonial 

You can listen to Brian's recent testimony below on Youtube.  He can now sleep through the night without urinating 3-4 times and also walk in the park without urgency.  He is rested.

He is now urinating 0 to 2 a night and thus improved more than 50%.  He is continuing the therapy. 

Additional benefits are a clear mind and emotions.


video testimonial
Life changes after treatment

Sexual Health Testimonial



1-Meet Tony, whose job wouldn't give him (or he wouldn't allow himself) a mental break.  That attitude was also infiltrating his bedroom and he was not able to have sex the way he wanted with his wife. I did not hear back from his wife, but his children said this after 2 sessions.

​​" Our dad is back".

2-Meet Frank,  "I was in a difficult place before I met Joanna and didn't know if I can get back my normal with my wife.  Since I never experienced this before I wondered how far this would go.


Plus, I was urinating at night time frequently... The urination at night stopped and I was having enjoyable sex again after a couple of sessions. However, I learned about what was truly going on when I took the time to reflect and when I dropped into my body and got grounded then  I truly felt the changes. So good to be here now."

3-Meet K, " My doctor told me to get a prostate massage since she said that I should not be on pills for the rest of my life  I found this health journey incredible because I got to see changes from the pre-men's health therapy

which was astounding and then got better as we did the decompressing 2-hour message which showed me that I was very stressed.

From the first few hours, my frequency of urination had already dropped and I started to sleep better. But to know that my body had pains where I didn't know was quite a surprise. I am glad that I took the initiative.

4-I am an IT man in my 50s and started to feel tired in my private life.   The fact that I did not sleep at night with my prostate problem did not help me.  I don't understand how you can place your hand in certain areas and then the problem stops. But I can only truly understand tangible things due to my job but this process works. 

 Looking forward to many restful periods of sleep and normal bladder functions with less emergency and urinary retention.  Thank you for all your help.

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