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Lomi Lomi massage, an ancient Hawaiian healing and


spiritual body-based art that we often fuse with  Acupressure 

  • 10 x the results from enhanced circulation and lazer points associated with health goals

  • pacify the body and mind

  • ​​send chi where it's needed

  • build your awareness and somatic empowerment 

  • create a strong sense of self

  • soothe the sympathetic nervous system


Get Results with Mssage & your body's intelligen - Joanna Recine
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      Joanna Recine

a problem solver, passionate about natural healing and will help you

  • connect deeply with your body, beyond the intellect

  • maintain your results

  • be whole and alive in your body

Call/text 416 6544325 for a 15-minute free call

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