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At the tender age of 5, my body was not a place I wanted to live in.

This is the time to heal something that exists in 1 child out of 4 minimum. This silence which registers in the body is willing and can be healed. The body is very forgiving. Your mind may not want to change or let go but the body is the most forgiving vehicle...just listen to its un ease and you will see big changes.......

My childhood was very unhappy and was too shy to express my needs. Obviously I didn' t know how. I was a child. A pure child who believed in love and gentleness. That has not changed until today.

When you have been (sexually) traumatized like me, at the tender young age of 5, from my uncle, PIETRO RECINE aged 16, who lived in the same home; you cannot feel good and you don't want to feel anymore.

At a young age, you don't even know what is a good and bad feeling .........but all you know is that it doesn't feel right. But it's all hazy, I had some concept that I did not like living in my home, my temple, MY Body. I did not feel good living in my body, MY TEMPLE because i did not like that strange feeling which has a child had no easy words to describe. It is called shame, Then it was called rebellion. Then it was called anger. Then it was called relationship issues. Then it was called victim. Then it was called sexual issues. But it was all one source.


This un ease that i felt caused me to not live in my body and to want to leave if I was not belonging and not accepted and had trouble also accepting pleasure.

It's only been recently that i understood that this body has registered all the emotions associated with that the act of molestation. Until you deal with it, it will stay there and colour many of your relationships and relationship to life. Today i made a 360 degree turn and am dealing with bodies to help others self heal...and made the connection between aged 5 and my tireless desire to know how the body's been an emotional time to know that it was well worth that journey.

I am here to help others LIVE IN THEIR BODY AND BE HAPPY THERE.

My body work is focused on dismantling the armor, the shut down and the numbness that often traumatized men and women feel after the unwanted intrusions.

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