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One business man said that I am doing this for the money.

Really? If I wanted money I would not be doing this bodywork. I am surprised that this is not obvious.

But what is obvious is that I need to get paid adequately for my services well enough to pay for rent, my time and my life.

Since Healing occurs over time i am penalized since i get paid once.... however i don't get paid royalty and nor get acknowledged for all the years that you benefited from this breakthrough....

Who gets more out of our interaction.. I get paid once to transform the rest of your life which can be 1 or a few decades and in return you give me barely enough to pay 1 month's rent?

In ancient times in China, doctors were paid for prevention...perhaps that would be a better way to compensate a massage therapist? What do you think?

This is not the corporate world , this is the world of natural HEALING, where you pay x and get y in return. This is not a linear process but an ongoing incremental one and it's hard for a type A left brain to envision the great ROI from self-healing..because they don't see the grey areas but just black and white

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