Is there is external, non-intrusive & healthy

Prostate Massage that is therapeutic
and effective in less than a month? YES.

Why suffer when freedom is safe & close?

Who is this for?

Usually very beneficial for men over 50 who have symptomatic urinary symptoms at night and day time due to enlarged prostate.

Do you want to r
educe and even eliminate urinary symptoms for many years to come? Yes this therapy's results last for even a decade as some of my clients experienced.

Prostate massage therapy's purpose is to support  and self-heal your prostate  so you can finally sleep at night and have less urinary symptoms (urgency, dribbling, urinary retention) and  lead a normal life!

Let's be clear, you don't need to be cancerous to treat your enlarged prostate however if you don't treat an inflamed prostate you will continue to experience and worsen urinary symptoms. Prostate is an important gland that responds very well to treatments and that is affected by it's growth and it self-healed with focused proper massage treatments.  After 13 years, i am still amazed on how this tiny gland responds very well to my treatments even though you may not know how you get these results yourself.

This is not for you if:

you confuse prostate gland with sexual issues which are 2 different conditions.  Sexual health is  more complex and all -encompassing. Have you ever seen the male reproductive system and the intricate plumbing system?  Please do not call to insist that you want a prostate massage/quick fix  because you have ED. No one i know has had big changes in their sexual life from just orgasms from prostate massage which many other practioners offer is really an entertainment prostate massage no intention of long lasting results.

I hope its clear now that men self-heal incrementally to transform lives since sleeping at night matters and it matters to the couple and family.

If you have ED problems you have sexual issues not just an enlarged prostate!  I don't know where this narrative came from?

It may be confusing but it works

The medical field does not treat the prostate gland to help it heal when its enlarged and inflamed.  While it can cause chaos in your life and its still gaslighted by doctors and they are not offering guaranteed results in the medical field! They wait. Yes they wait it out. Why wait when you can live so much better with natural treatments?

Meet Dave in video above:

Dave, in the video, is still benefiting from his prostate therapy even after 13 years. He has very little urinary symptoms, maybe once a night during a whole week when he used to go at least 3-4 times a night.

Whether it be frequent urination at night or dribble or urgency or urinary volume changes, it regulates many urinary areas maybe not equally but you will palpably experience changes. Now he can sleep and feel rejuvenated with no more nuisance and aging from the energy draining enlarged prostate's symptoms.

If you are interested in solving your prostate problems which (causes urinary symptoms )for good
please call me at 416 6544325 to discuss your situation for a 10 minutes free chat.

Do you want to read more about prostate massage?
If you want to know about enhancing sexual health. massage.

This is how we start:

There is a stress-free first session when you experience your first general massage at clinic, then we can  decide to choose to work together on this process of incremental changes.  You initial investment is only $140.00 for about 1.5 hr which includes a massage and information about the therapy and your health status. There are other details you are told too but i am not interested in telling my competitors. ok?

The prostate gland is too often trivialized into an merely an erotic peice of the body.  There is so much more value. It is timely to educate. 

Be happy to have found a solution.