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Men's Sexual and Prostate Health Clinic in Toronto

leverages a highly effective alternative massage therapy to support men usually in midlife during challenging times with debilitating symptoms

Eastern therapies have worked extremely well and with add ons like special oils to nurture the prostate gland. We focus on drug-free, electrity-free and blood free and surgery-free options that have well-proven results within reasonable time frame.

I have built these protocols since the men showed up at the clinic or outside with the sexual and prostate  problem as i was working in massage therapy performing regular massage. 

I love to solve problems so i decided to use massage as a tool to help the men's problems that showed up during my career! 

This is one story:

One client was telling me that he did not feel anything in his lower torso

and  for months of massage therapy he stayed silent and I did not know why until  finally he told me after many weeks that he was raped when he was much younger.  At the time i was discovering the protocol on men's health and he accepted that he be my first experiencer. 

And after the treatment, he said he would change his life and he had so many plans in regards to his marital situation too and he did not want to separate from his wife anymore. This man's demeanor astounded me after my treatment and to see a meek man become so manly. He was so much more connected with his body and his life purpose.

Over 15th years passed, I never turned back and continued building my men's health program to share with a larger audience.  That was one example of how a need and a suffering turned into a saving grace.

After 15 years, we know what success and healing looks like
and we build this process on results to improve and maintain the quality of life substantially. Our techniques are based on a well-proven approach and not text books or hearsay 

We will listen to your requirements and you will also learn to listen to your body. This is a somatic therapy that will help you trust your body and progress incrementally as you integrate your wins. You can do it. 


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