Yes, it can when you do it holistically, with the right attitude and knowledge of the body and the mind, your sexual health will improve and shift every time you engage and you will keep your changes.

No, it's not head knowledge, not a theory, not a pill not a surgery and not a sexual massage but something you can tap into deep inside you: the ability to self-heal. 


This is a unique signature protocol created by Joanna Recine  to enhance your sexual functions significantly at every session such erection/hardness, libido/desire and  ability to feel/orgasm. We use ancient and new energy techniques with massage and special oils and exercises if needed to build up your connection to body.  This works because we are using natural means and not needle and electricity an external tool!

Please let us read clearly without judging from past experience even though this may seem too good to be true for some.

This will change your life and your confidence, not just one part of your body. That is why erotic massage does not help in the long run and are just for the moment.  Are you ready?

please call use 416 6544325 and we will start with 1.5 hr massage and see how resonate with massage in general.. and we will understand each other better and thus chose to work together.

You don't need to age

like the mainstream population. This body-mind awakening, awareness and empowerment is the touching experience of letting go and receiving energy. This means you will see changes incrementally that will surprise you were capable of.

Do you feel your desires are lost?

Or your desires have not waned but the body does not follow suit?

Do you miss that spark of life? 

Do you have difficulty to focus and feel?


Many studies have shown that ageing can be reversed

and you can slow it down with the right living and thinking conditions. Ageing is a bit like mind control. A group of seniors were able to reverse ageing, pain and demeanor by being put back to 20 years ago physical environment through a study made by an American doctor.


Ageing with all the changes in the physical, emotional and spiritual states also includes sexuality. When we consider the holistic and incremental nature of an effective protocol then taking appropriate positive action, you will see the transformation and the best outcome comes with a humble and grateful attitude. When your ego is not fighting/dismissing the power of a gentle and natural process whose only role is to wake you up. A Miraculous somatic therapy is based on results that you can see for yourself and intrinsic self-healing.


When you know the basics of how the body works, you will trust you and your body and can move forward.... and why we will be on the same page and the therapy will flow with ease and joy. To be engaged and grateful will also be part of your wonderful journey. You are given a chance to change your whole future and the way you perceive your own power. How cool is that?


​​Would you like to boost and restore your sexual life with a painless solution based on your awareness?

Many in midlife, experience changes in their sexual health such as hardness, endurance and libido. We can help you to deeply make the changes required internally and thus externally with a holistic body-mind protocol built on strong well-proven protocols around 3000 years old Chinese technology and my very own signature energy and scanning protocol. We can use many PROFESSIONAL protocols to help your body change its experience and also reduce symptoms and disruption with acupressure, reflexology, awareness exercises, herbs if needed, oils and head and foot massage.


Together it becomes easy to rejuvenate the body via an influx of fresh energy and the help of the body's language that will guide you.

Meet Tony whose job wouldn't give him a mental break until he was not able to have sex with his wife. This is what his children said," Our dad is back".


The basic scientific knowledge is based on the ability of the body to self-heal with an enhanced chi and blood flow. Also referred to as the natural ability of the body,  homeostasis, by Deepra Chopra. I am sure that you heard of people you know or heard who have reversed their illness such a wound or cancer among others.


 The closest metaphor to this process is integrative medicine where doctors incorporate the client's feelings, social + environment and self-care in their regimen. The clients respond better to a holistic approach when their whole life including social is considered not just their physical symptoms. This missing link to self-care and social life is leveraged in our men's health program.


For the most linear bright minds, they love to ask me the million-dollar question. How does this work? Well, it works if you allow the body to regulate and balance itself when you are brought into that zone. If you want to fight the universal truth that your body is intelligent and can self-heal, I suggest you get a regular massage with regular results. However, if you want results translating into a real change in symptoms and level of hope. You will learn to operate with new connections in the brain and new thinking habits when 1 plus 1 is no longer =2. Healing is not linear but a continuous flow and energy.



During self-healing, there is much happening and if your mind is so busy you can be so busy that you miss the miracle!!! For the analytical minds, your body will go into the self-healing zone when you are rested and your brain goes from Beta to Alpha waves.


Going in-depth beyond the skin or physical level this self-healing process holistically and incrementally will be the operating system to help you self-heal in many areas including sexuality. Your body will guide us. Will you let it?


Meet Frank, the introverted ecologist. “ I was very proficient in my profession but I was missing something vital, my empowered masculinity. I did not this was possible but now I am so confident since I had the men's sexual health with Joanna. I never felt so whole and sexual being. I had stopped having sex with my wife 5 years before I decided to do something pro-active. This therapy focused on the body with massage has changed my life more than the 10 years of talk therapy did. Even though talk therapy helped me express my feelings which is a good foundation. Sex has never felt this good with my wife but this men's health program to enhance my sexuality has also enabled me to try different things. I started experiencing my body more during the massage and out of massage when I was able to let go of certain thought patterns.  It is so amazing. You need to do it to know.”

If you seek information on your prostate health because it's enlarged and you have urinary symptoms. We suggest prostate massage performed externally and professionally.


professionally a life-changer

one body at a time.