Yes, you can enhance your sexual functions safely and non-intrusively 


No one is judged here, and there are no performance stressors. Your body will self-heal when its ready. 

When we proceed holistically,

you will experience incremental results

along the way and best of all

the changes will be maintained with a better flow.

The changes can happen in different areas, different intensities and differently for every person.


And with the right attitude and

knowledge of the body and the mind, 

changes will happen slowly perhaps and then more quickly.

At a different pace for everyone

but deep enough to make an impact in your life

when you engage.

Let's define sexual health:

as a healthy body which has the energy to have sex easily and enjoyably with the appropriate hardness, endurance, enjoyment, and the quantifiable nature of this depends on your experience, life and desires.

Why does massage help you at such a deep level?

We focus on the zones that will make a difference

in your glands and sexual areas

by remotely activating those areas that are in need

but all done holistically.

It's not a regular technical non-intentional massage

This process works

because we are using natural and innate means

and not drugs or needles and electricity which are used

as an external tools

(as used in other men's health clinic operated by doctors costing $1000s of dollars.)


If you see (tune in) you will witness the change, you will know for yourself and start trusting your body. That builds in trust and results.


It's the experience that brings fruit.


Meet Tony

whose job wouldn't give him ( or he wouldn't allow himself)

a mental break. It was also infiltrating into his bedroom and

he was not able to have sex the way he wanted with his wife.

I did not hear back from his wife but this is what his children said after 2 sessions.

" Our dad is back".

Meet Frank

I was in a difficult place before joanna and didn't know if i can get back my normal with my wife.  Since i never experienced this before i wondered how far this would go. Plus i was urinating at night time frequently....The urination at night stopped and i was having enjoyable sex again after a couple of sessions. However i learned that its only when i dropped into my body and got grounded that i truly felt the changes. So good to here now.


Please give yourself time and this opportunity to experience

since you may be judging from past experience and 

for some  this may seem too good to be true.

After 13 years, I have seen such wonderful lives emerge from a dark place.


Don't listen to the naysayers who don't know,

ask the people who have been there or they can't help.

Doctors are using electrical shock treatments

and many clients are too ashamed

to say the truth that it did not work because they blame themselves!

It is a vicious cycle.

Your sexual health will improve and shift every time

we engage in the process which is in the body

but the head knowledge is not enough.

The mind set is prepared to think process

and not linear.


We will use massage protocols specifically focused on your sexual dysfunctions and often include prostate and sexual health protocol

to ensure your sexual glands are rejuvenated. 

Well proven techniques will enhance your sexual functions significantly at every session such as erection/hardness, libido/desire and  ability to feel/orgasm.


Ancient and new energy techniques with

massage and special oils and exercises

if needed, will build your connection to your body thus


will wake up its innate capacity to self-heal

and to the point of transformation.

Both prostate and sexual health therapies are non-intrusive and surprisingly effective working in synergy.

Depending on the requirements we perform

only the prostate therapy or sexual therapy or combined. 

If you are suffering with an enlarged prostate and

urinating often at night time

with with 2-4 other symptoms,

you may wish to read the prostate healthy therapy.

It's not head knowledge,

not a theory,

not a pill,

not a surgery,

not an erotic massage,

not electrical impulses,

not a fantasy,

and not a sexual massage.


It's a renewal with your core and your body

and a beautiful interaction with your body

by tapping into deeply inside you even

though its external and we activate the ability to self-heal.

Sexual resilience usually changes people

at a much deeper level and

with a new wisdom and gratitude...

and this process will change your life

and boost your confidence,

not just one isolated part of your body

because the body is interconnected.

This is a unique signature protocol created by Joanna Recine.


Empowering you to feel in control, and be dependent on you and not external stimulus;  rejuvenating you to be a master of your outcomes.


Do not compare to erotic massage to internal prostate massage practiced

by others and with no knowledgeable about healing

All those attempts are short lived

does not help in the long run and are

just perhaps good for the moment

but not life changing

as when we engage deeply with your own body's healing capacity.

Are you ready for real change?

please call  416 6544325

and we will start with 1.5hr to 2 hr  massage and see how you resonate with general self-healing massage.

We will understand each other better and then chose to work together.


Many studies have shown that

ageing can be reversed

you can slow it down with the right living and thinking conditions.

Ageing is a bit like mind control but you can also reverse....

In a study a group of seniors were able to reverse ageing, pain and demeanor by being put back to 20 years ago in a different physical environment through a study made by in USA.

You don't need to age as the doctors often dismiss my client with excuse.

When you don't raise the bar of your health

you will just follow the mainstream population.

This body-mind awakening, awareness and empowerment is a very touching experience of

letting go and receiving and using energy.

The fundamental scientific knowledge is based

on the ability of the body to self-heal with an enhanced chi and blood flow.

Also referred to as the natural ability of the body to rebalance itself, homeostasis, as often discussed by Deepra Chopra.

You heard of people who have reversed their illness

such a wound or cancer among others. 


The body has the intelligence to heal itself, when you give it a chance.


Real change will happen not just like a band aid pill or electrical impulse.

You may wish to read what other clients experienced here.

let your body do the walking and talking

one body at a time.