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While most scientific studies involved meditation

rather than massage, we can extrapolate that the same relaxed states are happening in my clinic when they tune in more to their bodies and restore. Overthinking or anxious thoughts will not work!   There are now many science-based explanations that will satisfy the intellectuals who are trying to understand with their minds rather than somatically.

The science that matters can now better explain self-healing and quantify how energy and mindfulness support your healing without drugs and invasive therapies.

These are two examples of heroes in the field of mindfulness which I call being present:

  • Dr. Joe Dispensa's therapies show how to manifest healing outcomes with mental shifts.

  • Dr. Ellen Langer, a Harvard professor, explains the rippling healing benefits of mindfulness in all aspects of life with awareness. Studies show how you can reverse aging with the right environment. 


Fortunately, now the seekers of natural solutions can access body language when they tune in and be prepared with easier-to-understand linear explanations from Dr. Dispenza's scientific studies based on extracting info from brains and blood after meditation. There were many physical and biological changes after the activities such as meditation, walking and shifting.


  • This is fascinating news to merge science with the natural body's intelligence to understand how we can heal ourselves! It is comforting to get validation that what we feel subjectively actually is what the body feels too! It's improved.








How? By relying on their improved biology in the client's blood among other indicators.

Experiences reported during these healing events with Dr. Joe Dispenza are very similar to my massage experiences (without the lab tests):

  • enlivening and peaceful experience.

  • a feast for your cells.

  • sparks into richer higher state thinking and creating.

  • become an improved personality with better emotional coping.

  • you become a higher version not attached to the story you created 

In conclusion, you can choose more easily than you think, natural ways that are non-invasive and help

you transform from the inside out. For many years I wondered how people change and move forward in life since they looked and felt better.  But now we know it's not just a placebo effect or subjective, you also validated that the body is biologically transformed within the blood.  

Now the next frontier is to understand what happens during the healing process between 2 people and will elucidate the loop of energy between the giver and recipient and the body and the client.   

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You can open up your body and mind with massage

Thank you for being here on your healthy journey to

Joanna Recine




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