Imagine that you can finally sleep

after external prostate massages relieving

emergency and frequent urination!

And that is only the start.

Welcome to the prostate services.  Many people don't know that you can change for good in this area.  The many outdated belief systems are creating challenges to be understand quickly, but be patient with yourself as you build your knowledge.

You don't heal by reading but you prepare your mind for what will transform your life deeply.  After you are welcome to ask me questions.


You come to the right place for external prostate massage in Toronto because we are focused on the well-proven solutions to relieve the Enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).  We have the clinical robustness and confidence in saying that most clients experience results on first 2 appointments. but first basics!

What is it? What does it do? What can you do?

  • The prostate gland is a sexual gland just like the testes however this one has grown bigger with the years (but it does not mean cancerous) and usually causes dysfunctional urination( but  not necessarily sexual issues.) I hope we are cleared of a few myths by now?  For more info on the prostate gland, please go to blog.

  • How to invigorate sexual functions please go to sexual health page for erectile dysfunctions.

  •  Your prostate gland swells and squeezes the urethra and thus obstructs the flow of urine among other hindrances.  The ripple effect can also cause a weakening in the sexual arena and bladder.  The prostate gland is known to affect your orgasms directly and has many important functions with regards to semen production.  The prostate gland is small but when enlargens and squeezes, it can squeeze the life out of you too since its ominpresent if you are symptomatic and/or have pelvic issues. However, it is only a small part of a larger problem in regards to sexual vigour.

  • 1-Please call at 416 6544325 to discuss your requirements and goals on the   phone or text when you have prostate problems. 2-  When we meet, talk       and learn about you; the solution; and how self-healing massage resonates   with you. From there we take decision to work together.

Are you seeking a safe, natural, nurturing and non-intrusive massage to empower your masculinity associated to relieving your enlarged prostate for many years in the future?  Can you imagine that the next 10 years you don't have to worry about your prostate gland? Yes that is exactly how some customers maintained the changes with a healthy prostate!**

To be graphic, don't need to insert a finger in your anus and touch the prostate to help relieve all the urinary symptoms associated with an aging prostate.  We don't have anyone coming to our clinic with long lasting results with internal prostate massage or entertainment! It is well proven that external and  more professional service affects profoundly the prostate now and in the future. I am happy to help you, if you seek results.


For the more visually oriented men,  these are some of the modalities we use: Chinese massage such as acupressure and reflexology and special oils will send healing energy to the prostate from at least 1 dozen access points because we can operate remotely! Also very important is our special anti-inflammatory oil which the prostate gland absolutely loves!  Sometimes it feels like this special oil just heals this undernurtured gland. And it works wonderfully, that is why we do this work with ease.


The helps you to get rid of almost all the urinary problems associated with prostate. These points can be in the front or back of the body and can be close or futher away and they all work differently for each person.  However every person is different and the points work differently for everybody.  Humans are different and complex, however we all self-heal one way or another.  This is important in the sense that this is not a robotic massage but we need to adapt to your needs.

You will feel the prostate respond to the activation via specific and remote points.  Totally incredible self-healing in action,  the prostate can start contracting or move bit and show signs that it is responding to healing energy. You can expect many prostate responses  and some prostate show great happiness too. 


There are areas around the prostate too where there can be pain,  it happens often that the hurtful areas is not just the prostate itself.  It is a great experience to feel the prostate wake up too when we activate those areas digitally. You see the mightiness of the sleeping giant wake up in a small gland.  I love this work because you see the changes and you feel the changes and the client feels the physical responses of their prostate and our client know it's working!

The body has its own language whether it is ill or trying to self-heal. We learn about the body's response that will make a difference. The prostate can tell you much about your status. It has already told you that there is a problem in the past and now it will tell you that its easing too.

Some clients who had a lot of tension in the prostate before experienced a shift after treatment of acu/reflexology, the prostate eased off and was much more relaxed. How forgiving is our body! Imagine you don't need another opinion to tell you how you are doing but you can trust your own body.   


Many more younger men have prostate/urinary problems but its not about aging now and a whole new chapter in young prostate therapy is emerging.  Many who have practised sports could be squeezing their prostate via their pelvic wear and tear.  Don't be shy, if you have issues with less orgasmic feelings and urination irregularities please consult a person in the know, or you will be told "everything is ok". 

**Testimonial from Dave Carter

You can see the video here.

“ It's been over 10 years since I received my external prostate massage therapy from Joanna and I am still very good and sleep well.   


Again, Joanna performed on me an external prostate massage which is non-invasive , again non-intrusive and not based on eroticism but based on healing deeply and getting results."

"I was in a bad place feeling the impact of aging, urinating daily 2-3 times per evening among other nonsense that happens with urination. Now more than 8 years later, I barely go once a week at night time. This prostate external massage therapy provided me with extraordinary results and a new exuberance about life. thank you, Joanna.

I hope that more men are as opened minded to try natural massage therapies based on well-proven acu-reflex points, signature protocol, and not the least are your special oils. "   


The  video : ​

I know it is new for most of you, but when you do it, you will get results not before.

You can read more here.