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Finally, you can sleep without frequent urination at night

with a drug-free external prostate massage.

And that is only the start.

What is an enlarged prostate? 

The prostate gland is a sexual gland just like the testes however this one can grow bigger in the 50s or 60s and cause disruptions in your daily life.  Your prostate gland swells and squeezes the urethra and thus obstructing and impacting the flow of urine among other hindrances.


For the lovers of quick fixes, please be patient we are aiming for in-depth holistic therapy to last many years.  You will be introduced to self-healing, body-mind and results.  This is not just a physical manipulation or band-aid but a modality that leverages your capacity to self-heal.


Dave in the video has maintained good results for over a decade!  If you want to know about men's health protocol, symptoms that are relieved and the first steps, you can go here.


The prostate gland is a worry gland.

That is why we often describe this as body-mind modality because of how your mind affects your body. The prostate gland is known to also affect your orgasms directly and has many important functions such as semen production.  That is the reason why a more holistic approach will bring long-lasting results versus a physical quick fix. The ripple effect can also cause a weakening in the sexual arena and the bladder but necessarily.


The doctors can diagnose you with a digital examination

if you have an enlarged prostate. It will validate the facts but it's not an end-all.  Even if it's not an "enlarged" prostate, you still can be symptomatic. It is not a perfect system and that is why you need to get help from experienced staff in this particular problem. 


Don't be shy, if you have issues with less orgasmic feelings and urination irregularities, please consult a knowledgeable person, or you will be told often "everything is ok", or "you are getting older" when it's not. 

If you are seeking help with sexual health massage therapies please read here.

Why do we recommend professional, holistic & non-intrusive therapy? 


This therapeutic prostate massage is result-based and therapeutic and has worked. A well-proven 1000-year-old Chinese bodywork such as acu-reflex points and my own modalities including scans will help you get long-term results within a month. Basic details on Men's Health (sexual and prostate) are here.

When you know what you are doing, this works like magic.


The practitioner and client are engaged with the same goal and can tune in to what is happening and the body goes into self-healing mode. You can listen to a video testimonial here.  Well-proven body-based and natural solutions relieve an Enlarged prostate, and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and it ripples many future years.


If you aren't clear about how the external prostate procedure helps relieve urinary symptoms significantly for your enlarged prostate.

Do you allow me to explain what is an external prostate massage?


Some will be surprised to hear that you don't need to insert a finger in your anus to get long-lasting relief from your enlarged prostate. You don't need to touch directly the prostate to help relieve all the urinary symptoms associated with aging, and inflamed prostate.  

There are many myths about the prostate that hinder men from getting the right solutions because of wrong or outdated or limited beliefs. You cannot believe what I hear and the useless therapies that are sold.


It is a well-proven external, holistic and professional service that

affects you profoundly, quickly and long-lasting.  A localized and mechanical prostate massage doesn't take care of the core area where blood should heal the area. The prostate therapy's intention in my clinic is to provide positive change and nurture the prostate and not just erotic or entertainment as many others are offering.


We need to be upfront with what cures are available and there are very few alternative proactive remedies for enlarged prostate also based on what the clients have told me.

If you have been diagnosed with enlarged prostate

it does not mean you are and will be cancerous and nor does it causes necessarily dysfunctional sexual issues. Unfortunately too, the prostate has been mostly monetized and sexualized and many myths are used for that purpose while the real benefits are not known yet.

However, do not worry we are using the body intelligently to help it self-heal. We are focused on creating the right environment for self-healing of the prostate with precise tools for also scanning.

The results will happen incrementally as you progress with the therapy.


These specific acupoints can be in different places on the body because points are not local.  Every person is different, and the points work differently for everybody.  Humans are different and complex, however, we all self-heal in one way or another.  This is important since this is not a robotic massage, we need to adapt to your needs and how your body responds.

The body has its own language whether it is ill or trying to self-heal. We learn about the body's response since we will know that the body is responding to treatment. 

Some clients who had a lot of tension in the prostate before experienced a shift after treatment of acupressure /reflexology, the prostate eased off and was much more relaxed. How forgiving is our body! Imagine that you can trust your own body.   

For more info on Men's Health Prostate Therapy go here.

For more info on Men's Health Sexual Therapies go here.

Please call or text or preferably use the Wix chat at 416-6544325 to discuss for free 20 min your requirements and goals. 

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