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The natural way to re-learn how to feel your body is via massage.

When we talk about physical feelings it can encompass all the different feelings the body feels including warmth, pain, pleasure, cold, tingles, sensations and whether systemic or localized.

The body learns to open up to physical sensations when you allow it to during massage with a trained practitioner. Why do I say that? Many times a person has trained their bodies not to feel in general, especially pain. For example sports people do not want to be blocked by a pained body when they are running or competing so they learn to not feel.

Everything else can be understood by the above paragraph. To feel sexual sensations you need to feel your body and heighten the awareness of them with some prolonged experience so new habits can be rewired.............. or you go back to where you were and maybe you numbed emotions and bodily sensations?

It's a wonderful learning curve that helps you connect with all of you holistically whether pain or pleasure. Some of my clients have chosen healthy habits to fuel their intimate lives through simply readjusting their responses.

It is worth it to live in your body. You will see that it's not just pain but many levels of sensorial landscapes is so self-accepting

Ask us for details on how to relearn to feel is going to change your life even though it looks like you did nothing?!


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