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We want to spread the healing alternatives and the easiest protocol and all inclusive is reflexology for feet, hands, and head. It will cover every square inch of your body and will not miss anything including the endocrine system which is so important.

I find it more relaxing than Reiki.

We have a wonderful opportunity with reflexology treatments on Wednesday from 9 to 5 pm for only $55.00 plus tax. You can repeat at least for 2 months when you pay in advance by transfer or cash and with at least a bi-monthly frequency. It is paid by the first day of the month for the 2 sessions.

We are happy to provide herbal tea and 10 minutes of

quiet time after reflexology. This will be your quiet time, why not?

Enjoy the downloads through quiet times?

You can act upon this with the code " Wednesday reflexology"

Mobile Reflexology is also available at a different price depending on travel times.


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