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Premature ejaculation #1

This is a very challenging problem for the men who finish too fast and can't enjoy the full act with their partner. #prematureejaculation is not wanted by any man who wants to be virile and self-confident and pleasure their partner.

It's not an easy problem to solve because it's often not just a physical issue but often luggage carried from the past with psychological and emotional factors. Thus by focusing on the basic observations based on the #psychological factors: we find that this response may have developed many years before and even some started feeling their sexuality at a very young when they do not know what to do with their sexuality.

Many times there was a habit in place that required finishing fast for the obvious reason that they were living with family. Many bodily or sexual responses have been engrained and are hard to dislodge because of the long-standing #habits, #thinking #emotions in the act of masturbation.

However, in this body-mind practice, we can start to dismantle this #trigger that causes this quick response. And we are finding that our approach is positive and there are fabulous changes bringing greater calm, more interest in #sex, less fighting in their relationship, greater attraction, more confidence, and less anger...And it certainly looks promising when all the aspects of life, personal, professional, love, and family are affected by this frustration and new #habits are emerging too.

We are taking new clients at a lower rate than man's health if you have the problems we both want to solve. Please contact us to discuss this.

One recent client said " that my wife finds me more attractive" and " I discovered quite a few areas that beliefs stopped me"

It's a minimum of 4 weeks to build the foundation there are no standalone. Do you think habits go away in one session?

Btw the men's clinic run by doctors, not me, who are not sexologists charge very high rates of $2,400.00 using electricity! Do you think this is nurturing a man after all these years? Do you think that it will help you gain confidence with external stimulation when it's internal?



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