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If you are very cerebral or just busy-minded, you need to get off it.

I have many technical or technology clients who like to fill their heads with too much knowledge due to upbringing and work habits. Plus, there are many benefits from a specialized mind, a good salary, and prestige. There is good money associated with a good mind at work.

Unfortunately, when there are physical issues, they think that their minds are superior to their bodies and bodywork is inferior to their highly trained mind.

You need your body to heal not your mind, your mind is already drained from over-analysis.

Give your mind a break and restore your body.

This work is based on the power of the body to make changes, if you don't make those connections somatically then it's best to learn slowly and integrate new perceptions.

This is important when you have big goals to change and improve because the analysis is not going to do the work of the body.

Unfortunately, old belief systems are very pervasive. To be whole is to live in your body too. That is where you can your results with body-mind connection.


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