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How the mind loves to control. How the body loves to give.

One of my recent observations:

How do people perceive being embodied versus focusing on mentally driven tasks?

Instead of relaxing and doing nothing as is often advised during the #massage, some people actually think of it as just another task. Doing nothing is doing nothing, and you don't need to try hard at it.

After many years of habitual thinking, it may be hard to just let go of the mind...but how about giving it a break and reframing the way we look at relaxing without the busy mind wanting to fill up space in the head?

We teach clients to keep their minds on their bodies instead and the experience changes to a much more gratifying one! Who would ever know how much more #joyful and truly #relaxed at a deep level you can be, by just living in your #body?

Does your mind need a break? Try a #somatic #experience to reenergize yourself and your life!


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