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An erotic masseuse complained that he is not successful with ed clients & wanted my techniques.

He asked me to help him because his ED clients were not improving. He wanted my techniques.

Do you think that a man who has become dysfunctional sexually and has lead up to that place after many years (whether lack of self-care or disease )is going to get back his mojo with a few techniques?

Please think about it. Do you realize how much is going on in ones' life and even the act of love making which is so rich in interplay between chemistry, spirit, health, love and timing etc.

What will techniques do when what you need is to reconnect with your body in the most deeply intimate way. That is sometimes the only thing that will work on some clients who are always in their minds and at work. Unfortunately we may be very good at doing work but making love requires depth that goes deeply to revive your inside rivers. Allowing that electricity to stir you up until it all is flowing.

Please call me at 416 654 4325 (HEAL) if you need help to enhance your quality of life including sexual. We truly are good at this and for the last 11 years. We empower your sexuality from the inside out and from your health to sexual health. The only way that it can outlast all the other pumps, viagra, and eroticism and prostate internal bogus.

and if you seek to learn how to help others sexually without going the easy route: eroticism. We are starting an apprenticeship program.

For professional massage services which will enhance your health and your sexual health please peruse

my more user friendly web site ,



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