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The by products of better sex

You may presume that good sex is just good sex.

Well that is what some men and women would like to believe since it makes it simpler to grapple with.

What I have seen in my body work is that good sex changes their relationship to life...That is the most beautiful gift of positive change!

But actually good sex gives you much more when the heart energy brings expansiveness.

Good sex can make you a happier, more grounded and more productive in your life.

When you experience the men's health rejuvenating program, your life will change along with your sexual life. Many of our actions are ritualized and our beliefs are outdated....and with the men's health program you will be going deep enough , and changing ways of thinking and doing followed by real sustainable change often in your whole being ( mind body emotions sexuality spirit).

When we to stop thinking compartmentalized and localized ,

a bigger world emerges inside out.

Thinking HOLISTICally allows your whole body to self-heal and it will flow better as a whole and also in your problem areas.

MASSAGE IS Mind Expansive..

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