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The man with the (emotional) pains is ok now. Open up to new ways of thinking and feeling which is u

50 something man came complaining about many physical pains. In hindsight, that is all he knew. However there was a deeper problem that he was ashamed about. He did not feel good in his body and wanted a change.

A few sessions later he told me that his pains are gone. Then he told me the real problem about his impossible relationship and he was emotionally tormented. His wife does not do her share and it affected him emotionally for over a decade.

His emotions caused him physical pain.

After a few session, He felt for probably the first time a free mind from pain in his mind and thus body. And it is giving him time to get help and to give quality time to himself and his daughter. He said he never felt peace in his mind before and he did with massage. He now knows its possible to feel good and get relief from his constant pains from a bad marriage and wants more of the good.

Pains can go away and your clearer mind will find solutions that are not based on pain but on hope.

thank you.

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