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A body ologist or psychologist for grief?

Mr.X has been grieving for 7 years and looked like (when he first came to my clinic) that there was nothing to hope for. He said he felt "shutdown"

After his 2 hour LOMI LOMI massage, he felt like he came back to life and his senses were awakened. This renewal doesn't happen like a thunderbolt but it's lovely incremental process.

To be clear, this enlivening process occurs with a non erotic and non genital massage...but with an "old fashioned" healthy massage! This first experience opened him up to beauty of life and he recently said he is looking out for more positive life experiences.

Is anyone feeling jaded, grieved, de pressed, re pressed, de pressed or sur pressed or lethargic? Let your body let go of it's emotional luggage instead of ruminating over it. Try a bodyologist, you might even enjoy the process! lol

416 654 HEAL (4325)

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