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How the body speaks the truth and also during massage.

We have been told for decades that the body never lies. However have we updated our understanding of those fundamentals?

We have found that the body tells you many truths that often cannot be seen with naked eye nor diagnosed. The body knows instinctively where there is obstruction and where rebalancing is needed.

As I massage, my clients often reveal to me physical sensations such as tingling sensations indicating to us where the body is waking up. At the end the body speaks about where healing is needed and is let loose from the opening of the body When we ask the body questions, it tells you exactly where is the cause of the problem. You don't need to figure it out, the BODY will reveal freely what ails it. What a beautiful system we have discovered through the years of intimacy with the body. THE BODY SPEAKS, just listen.

The body is an intricate computer constantly balancing things out, releasing your layers affecting the body-mind. Like a wave of urging and letting go and gathering all of you towards wholeness.

What is the application for you? Do you want to know where the body needs care? Does your doctor say there is nothing wrong but you feel ill? You know the story?

We can help you know your body intimately and know where it ails and where it can heal too.

Please call us for your very own internal journey towards greater aliveness :416 6544325 (HEAL)

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