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The forgotten temple, your body. Developing intimacy with your body heals you. www. intelligentbody

When i have wounded people come to me because they are overwhelmed and/or dysfunctional: I always keep an opened mind as to what God wants to heal in them. I did not realize how far the damage can go when you don't take care of your body or mistreat it or even cripple it with cruel words. I knew that my work in body language has brought me and clients to such heightened state of awareness to allow the body to tell me what it needs and cause results with care...... but this time i was just taken further into the power of intimacy with your body and what/how this sacred space heals you .

While encouraging awareness and self-care and without eroticsm nor any intrusions, one recent male client in his 50s after a cardiac surgery, regained circulation but also his erectile functions.

And it was with no pill no gadget but with just pure awareness & professional massage. He said he did not remember the last time he had an erection.

Well well that is the power of intentional awareness and intimacy with the body. Don't dismiss your body like a 2nd class citizen but learn to love your temple, your home and your only space to create joy and peace because the mind is unruly!

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