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When your body does not feel pleasure. Massage can re train your body to feel again affecting your c

Feeling pleasure is a sign of health, at a deeper layer energy is received beyond the skin too. During massage, I have noticed that some people don't feel much, and that includes pleasure. It is a humbling process to see the body come back to life, when you give it time. When you give your body intimate time and become aware of it i had the most amazing self-healings occur.

Listening to your own body causes many breakthroughs and also has changed many perceptions and lives.

Along this process of re integration..Many little and big miracles occur which makes us live Bigger experiences.

With a heartfelt massage, we retrain your body to break from numbness and to live more happily in your body. What does it mean to feel again? That means feeling pain and pleasure. Anything is better then being numb. Actually the most exquisite feeling is pain and pleasure combined and that often happen in the hip and gluts area.

Do you want to be happy in your temple? Then you need to walk in and around your home and experience it. We live unconsciously triggered by memories and sometimes painful pictures of the past and have surpressed who we are really are, what we truly feel however . We are whole (mind - body- emotions and sexuality)...we are here to experience the full spectrum of our humanity to be the change for the world.

Joanna Recine

Licensed Holistic Practitioner


416 654 4325

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