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We are body mind emotions spirit and sexual beings. Emotions affect your body in different ways for

We will call him Mr. X. Mr. X., a young man in his early 30's, a recent client, who came to my office with physical and emotional issues. Particularly a digestive problem due to emotional stress. Also he was very unhappy with recent break up.

Let's be clear, he was not happy with his life.

He slowly got back his power because he reconnected body and mind and became grounded, clear and present.

Then as we proceeded on this internal journey, I noticed that his body was very rigid and couldn't move. I told him that he was too young to to be that way and this session turned into a psychosynthesis session where we found that that he was still holding on to the thoughts of an 8 year old who just lost his mommy.

Mr X was happy to see the situation clearly without having all these pains he tried to control..

He said that he was immensely grateful for being empowered to know his unconscious mind and how his emotions played in his life.

Another happy man who will be aware, loving and productive!

Perhaps you have rigidity in your body and thus your mind. Let it go with PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE at

Thank you

Joanna Recine


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