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Get a Healthy Prostate with Professional Massage. Real massage, real person with real results.

My client had heart problems and an enlarged prostate since 2-3 years.

My client, Mr, P, did not really get it when I explained that his urinary symptoms were going to be relieved bit by bit , incrementally, with this natural massage treatment. Because he was just too busy with his business and popping 5 pills a day, after his cardiovascular problems and his new stent. Nothing was really working and he was not used to the idea that his prostate could actually respond to anything, let alone something very gentle..

He was prescribed pills for his prostate too but with no results.

Many of the pills were there to avoid potential problems with his stent but also prescribed a drug for cholesterol even though he did not need it as a preventative action. Nonsense!

Here we have man afraid for his life, having new heart pains (after surgery) with the exercises they prescribed him and couldn't sleep and only 51 yr old. (today he says he is feeling much better and has so much more hope).

In the beginning Mr. P was worried that I would give him what most so called masseuse are offering men, an intrusive anal type prostate massage with no knowledge of the body's power to heal itself.. After I told him that I used time tested Chinese medicinal massage techniques and my own time tested powerful prostate based therapy, Mr P felt at ease.

.He was more and more embodied in this great transformation when he started seeing the positive patterns in his daily evening urination. We were both amazed at the results and how healthier he feel and he definitely has become so much more a positive thinking person with the MEN"S HEALTH REJUVENATION PROGRAM. by

This has been very beneficial to Mr. P since his stress was very high and he can recover faster with his quality sleep now, plus he is feeling more in control of his destiny and his health in general knowing that he can trust his self-healing will bring to a strong health. I recommended his exercises to ensure his circulation and flow in meridians is optimized with his his dangerous heart condition.

Before he met me he was out of control, stressed and very pessimistic about every finding some positive path


Week 1


Week 2


Week 3


Week 4


You can see above that there is a positive patterns with a decreased urinary frequency! Also Mr. P has found that he no longer urinates at certain times of the early part of night but rather later in the morning and easier on his sleep patterns.

This positive pattern is repetitive in all my clients who come for treatment of their ENLARGED PROSTATE, with my rejuvenation mens' health program......We can help alleviate the urinary frequency, urinary retention and other little other symptoms that occur with loss of bladder control.

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