Feel great in your body and mind!

Relieve pain & stress
with an intentional and very restorative massage therapy

focused on self-healing and long-lasting results.


Meet Kevin!
who is now enjoying a pain-free life after 15 years of pain
from a herniated spinal chord!
He was ready to live life fully, and succeeded by engaging in the process and learning on the go. Letting the changes increment and last. Finally it All happened in less than 2 months therapy but whole life change with no pain.  
He did his best, being opened to tune in, receive and take inventory of changes. Expecting more and more changes. This was a new process for him too however he braved and dared think he would get better and better and  not have pain.













Men's Health Massage Therapy

Enhances wellbeing of your Sexual and Prostate health
with external & non-intrusive holistic massage
for your enlarged prostate, Erectile Dysfuntion and libido.
You can find external prostate massage in Toronto info here.

Unique & effective licensed and holistic massage 
for discerning people who seek restorative and nurturing experiences and not just regular massage!

I can perform  and teach this effective massage tool in
toronto  or North America.