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Do you seek a "yummier" and healthier experience

from massage?

An intentional and holistic therapeutic massage

  • is first an experience of coming back home.

  • is not a regular and finite or physical massage.

  • enhances the quality of life by being more connected, grounded and livelier.

​Select one or combine massage services:



    includes external prostate massage


We are energy.


We are more energy than physical.  Our massage therapies leverage that premise and outlast the effects of a technical, localized, full body or generic massage. We listen to your goals whether it be relaxation or to relieve pain or stress relief or a particular condition and we find the solutions.


However, if you want results the body knows best what it needs and we follow the body's responses to gauge the best approach.  It all depends on your goals.


If you seek results please call or text us to book a 15 min free consult at 416 6544325

I am not a web designer, but a self-healing expert. This site is written by me and based on real experiences, not AI.

Somatic experiences are felt and subjective. Some clarifications.


  • Connecting to the body is learned through experience and restoration.

  • Conducive to very effective restorative and long-lasting pain and stress relief. 

  • It can be more intuitive and multi-faceted and experiential than a regular massage.

  • You learn to better cope with stressful emotions and overwhelm.

  • A no-time zone helps busy people get off the 24-7 mental treadmill.

  • Learn to tap into the body's language, self-healing and its' causes and disruptions.

What is the purpose of this website?


  • heal and restore your body and thus sharpen the mind's clarity to make better decisions

  • develop new neural connections to acquire new perceptions 

  • experience to the power of your body and also freedom and expansiveness

We support you with a long-lasting and results-based massage for

  • Stress relief

  • Pain relief

  • Mental relief such as worry and excessive cogitation


  • Reconnect to your inner human landscape and break from the digital world.​​

You can read the rest of this page here.

The prices for general services are here.

Get Results with Mssage & your body's intelligen - Joanna Recine
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