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  • Relieves physical pain and tension

  • Relieves the stress of the body and mind 

  • Connects you to your body

  • Activates self-healing

  • Feels great in your body and in general

  • Clears and quiets the mind

  • Causes a long-lasting effect more than meditation



  • Save your time and money.

  • Reduce your frequency of sessions 

  • Treat your enlarged prostate treatment faster.


  • Please call for an initial 15 min free consult.

Birds by the Water

Meet Kevin in the video below!
who is now enjoying a pain-free life after 15 years of pain from a herniated spinal cord!

Ready to live life fully and succeeded by engaging in the process and learning on the go. He allowed the positive changes to be incremental and last. Finally, it all happened in less than 2 months of therapy, his whole life changed and finally experienced pain-free existence.  
He did his best, being open to tuning in, receiving and taking inventory of changes, and expecting more changes. This was a new process for him however he braved and dared think he would get better and better because the pain was less & less. It was happening that way.
Continued here.

Licensed Holistic Massage
improves the quality of life with better circulation and chi!

Long-term results are expected with intentional, professional and non-intrusive services focused on your problem.

Joanna Recine  |1896 Weston rd |York, Ontario, Canada
please call or text at 416 6544325 or
use the reliable chat from Wix here.

Get Results with Mssage & your body's intelligen - Joanna Recine
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