Any of the modalities can be combined if that is acceptable and effective to both the practitioner and client.  You need to try it and at times you need to let it grow on you to get the right feelings and sensations and results to emerge from a massage.

Reflexology is an ancient somatic therapy, 1000s of years old, using the foot, hands, and head to impact the whole body. The small areas represent the whole body and we can remotely affect any area of the body for example through the feet.  It is a very strategic therapy that can target specific areas of organs and glands easily. You can also move energy in the body with your hands, which is quite a marvel.


The first benefit that you can experience is letting go of the mind! The Reflexology of the feet can literally get you grounded with ease and peace.  Break that mental pattern and as you do it, the mind will let go.

These extremities have points that represent the whole body. Thus pressing on a point on the foot can activate an organ or area. It is often easy to know that there is a problem or stagnation when there is pain or temperature changes.


Every person responds differently to this treatment due to personal taste, mindsets, past experience, or simply the mood of the day.


However, this has proven to be so powerful to move the colon for digestive improvements  or release the spinal chord and among many others problems that would take very long to perform on the body since its bigger,


If you have stress or pains or digestive, glandular, nervous, or diabetic or hormonal issues we can stimulate the organs, glands and invigorate the weak systems.


You can use it as a stand-alone or fused with other modalities to focus specifically or general well-being.


REVIEW: One female client felt like dynamite when the feet were energized, feeling the energy move up wonderfully from feet. Many can feel this energetic flux too, and it's wonderful.



Thai is focused on stretchy movements guided by the practitioner to open up the body in a huge way with body parts and bones. One of the benefits is how well you will feel the stretch  that opens your body and mind;it's a nice release. You will actually feel where you have tension! Then the body learns how to let go and its easier to do your exercises.

It may be important to know your exercise regimen because some start by being very rigid not having done yoga or other eastern exercise or qi gong among others. Unfortunately letting go of your limbs is something that many learn as they go and it may be frustrating for some. I feel that this is a good and safe place to practice surrendering and letting go with the practitioners' leading. So it can feel like doing Yoga without you doint the work too.


You are not working you are just feeling and letting go...wonderful.


I love the large movements of this modality allowing more freedom and rawness. I practice it in a very mindful way to allow for more and more flexibility generally in the core and legs and legs.



Awareness will help you know where energy is stuck and rigid. You can see which side is working better among other things. It is a totally different feeling to acupressure which is moving in too but very pointed to one acupressure point...

however, it is wonderful to mix many modalities together and get all the different sensations and body responses.


Thai massage is an acquired taste and it will be obvious if you appreciate it or not when you first try it.  For the clients who like it however it is an incremental process where you appreciate it more and more...


Some like to stretch and some don't, it's that simple.

If you  want to prevent aging and want to stay mobile I would suggest these small movements to help your hip and abdomen and legs stay mobile.


Some customers love to do lomi and thai together to take in the

2 different benefits of flow and mobility.

You try it for yourself and gauge what feels right.

It is available to help you loosen up those core areas or lower torso and improve circulation.

I often also do thai foot massage to ensure your feet don't age

because that is often where we age first.