"The body's capacity to feel joy is unlimited
but the mind is only there for your survival."


J. Recine 


Lomi lomi Massage is an ancient spiritual art form with Hawaiian origins.  I perform it in a very intentional manner and promotes self- healing with an enhanced body-mind connection and circulation.  This is the foundation to activate changes in your body holistically. And these shifts occur while using the most beautiful larger, longer and more expansive movements from top to bottom on your body and vice versa.  As you connect with your temple you will feel this blissful experience beyond physical feeling, that is hard to describe since our body is not used to being moved.......  It is experiential.  The mind is not important to monitor this process but is used to seal the experience with left brain understanding.

We recommend you book 2 hours for the greatest experience of body decompression. How to benefit from the slow, energy raising experience?  By being part of it and get engaged.  However, 1.5 hr duration is good too.  If you book for 1 hour it is considered a sample. You get the deeper feeling level experience when you can allow your body-mind to connect deeper and increase your body awareness.  If you stay on the fence in fear you will not get the self-healing effects.  Simple?  Lomi Lomi is different than from more localized Swedish or deep tissue, with a more holistic and larger perspective in its scope.

How do you wish to experience something that is so special and that you may not know what it looks like?  TOUCH.

This spiritually rich and freeing massage can change lives. To the point that some clients felt their inner being so profoundly that they travelled and saw images while lying on the massage table...One particular client in his 70s went to heaven! Can it be a spiritual experience?!

When you don't know what that looks or feels like it becomes a more complex desire to manifest.  However, you can desire something different even if it never happened with positive expectancy.  Let me reassure that you can experience something divine and in your body with no need for eroticism.

When your body lets go, you live more joyfully when better connected your body, temple, and when your tensions are released.

And in that silence and self-care comes the potential for greater aliveness. This is about an experience that happens first in your body then your mind usually. 


But since you probably never had a massage beyond skin and muscles..you just need to let yourself go and try it for yourself. It's not just a body thing but the mind will follow the body and empty...what a thrill when your mind is no longer the controller.


Mindfulness is very much promoted and researched but it is based on a limited mind.  Your body is unlimited consciousness and has more intelligence or more wisdom than you can imagine.  Be body full and live in your temple, giving it the attention it deserves to allow self-healing and you will be whole.


I'm not presuming you never experienced joy, but you may have never experienced a joy in your body being embraced with a still mind.....


As most physical experiences, the linear mind cannot fully understand when only the body can experience it and know.  The mind frees up with the unravelling of the body's tensions whether it is physical, mental or emotional.


Most people just think a massage is a massage, that is good for the moment.

 It's partially true since we don't want to intellectualize this most brilliant method of this joyful rejuvenation.  However, if you know anything about Chinese medicine, disease and it's healing and how the mind heals the body, you have an idea that there is the unknown territory of powerful little miracles happening every day in our body. 


We have reached another level..where the body heals the body!

Lomi Lomi, when performed with consciousness & love, will boost you up because Lifeforce will flow in your body.  Your deeper connection with the body will fill you up and nurture you deeply.  


Technically speaking.


The greater flow of blood and chi will move

to raise up your vibrations, and your self-love.  When blood and chi move you feel wonderfully alive and light and connected with life force.  Where else would you rather be? 

It's like Heaven.


We use oils on your naked body

with mostly forearms in a flowing, long  & expansive energy raising movements.  You will feel more lively and it will show up palpably with tingles and heat or other sensations during the massage and at the end too.  Many diseases can be relieved in releasing stuck energy and opening up to the universe's benevolence.  


The rate is 80.00 tax in 

When you bundle up it is less expensive. We can discuss the details.