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Do you know what is an external prostate massage?
Literally, the massage is performed externally and not internally and it's based on a holistic process that brings restoration and results.  All my clients get rid of the discomfort and urinary problems for example from 3-4 times urinary frequency to almost 0 times or 0!

Some will be surprised to hear that you don't need to insert a finger in your anus to get long-lasting relief from your SYMPTOMATIC enlarged prostate. You don't even need to touch the prostate directly to help relieve all the urinary symptoms during the day and night time associated with an aging and inflamed prostate.  

There are many myths about the prostate that hinder men from getting the right natural solutions because of wrong or outdated or limited beliefs.

Men are still urinating 3 times a night even after very painful prostate surgery and many men in general don't know yet that they can get rid of prostate issues.

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