After seeing many numbed out bodies which greatly saddened me, I decided to find a way to wake them up.   Something happened in the past and a piece of life got lost?  Do you want your hope and passions back? 



I knew the problem was deeper because the body's sensations changed and so did their expression as we progressed...


Allow the body to wake up

again (with loving hands)

and thus will the rest (mind-emotions-life) follow.


It is magical.

To see a body or anybody come alive.

And to also feel the potential of pleasure be present

It means that you are alive.  

The body will help you trigger you back to homeostatis and self-repair whether you are depressed, anxious, sad, depleted or numbed.....


We have specials for the above conditions, leveraging emotional acupressure, Psychosynthesis and Qi gong among other things.


Please ask me.