"I feel brand new after the first session." Sebastian

I had this sharp pain below my chest and trouble with leg mobility..  I found that the

sharp pain showed pain reduction already from the first session...and then as

I proceeded my legs improved from the trigger points therapy that really

handled this long-lasting problem from my hockey days!

I am so happy to feel freed up in those areas.  Plus I am so so relaxed deeply

after our sessions. I suggest x sports players try the trigger point therapy

for their mobility issues from sports.

I have learned that you can get much more value when

you are engaged with your body during and after massage.

If you are not willing then you will not know where you are and where you are

going in your progress.  So please tune in and you will experience

amazing results when your body restores your body will alleviate pain.  

Truly simple yet the simplest things are the best.  Don't just get a massage

get real change in you physical and mental being.


"I had anxiety for over 2 years which i picked up from my 2 parents, and

after the massage, I felt so lifted up and happy. I decided to go away for a week to reconnect. Wow I was really into my head too much! Thank you my anxiety can be alleviate for sure.  T.S

I had rmt a few times but did not feel that much. I want to feel more and tried Joanna's massage and felt like literally lighter and more joyful! C. F

I was here from US with burning feet some kind of neuropathy with no diabetes and her manipulation of 3 hours offered me relief right away at night time with no more hot feet! I tried to find someone like her in my city in USA but this pioneering intuitive pro active manipulation was not found!  We need to learn from the body more. Terri

I was very concerned with a blood dis order and I researched it since the 

doctors didn't offer me education nor solution.  So after a while I finally discovered Joanna...and amazingly my body responded to the protocol...my

body was warm even a night time and many other somatic changes 

occurred with better flow. It is incredible how many shifts occurred that opened my mind but the whole process is truly rejuvenating  and I can see how young I am compared to my senior peers.