Some Benefits of  Holistic Massage



As time passes I can handle more and more problems ( physical, emotional and spiritual) with a massage or spiritual therapy. I am also skilled in psychosynthesis.  Have cultivated more and more chi, I can help more and more people.  The more I do the more and more I can handle. Sometimes the relationship is such that a client: has no more spinal pain after 10 years of terrible pain; An owner of the bakery can now hold his grandchildren and close his door with his mobile arm.


CHI heals and transforms lives at a deeper level then local or technical massage or meditation in your head.   Chi moves spontaneously to impact body, mind and soul. Benefit from a clear mind and calm body which caused many deep changes in lifestyle.

You can benefit from this holistic energetic massage because it treats the whole

you from head to toes and from the body to mind to emotions and spirit because chi moves everywhere and restores natural flow. 

This happens if you allow it to. Being aware is important.

The first reaction to a good massage

is a strong sense of well being while being more present in your body.  This feeling of aliveness is not felt in exercises or standard massages but it is so real and colours your day and relationship to life in its many aspects.

The first physical benefit to a good massage may be pain or lightness

I can easily relieve your pains in your body such as neck, shoulder, hip and back.  Pain is a sign of imbalance and is a good thing, not a bad thing. This restorative acupressure as an example is very natural for me to use and it offers incremental &  sustainable results. We both help you release many pains successfully. With the knowledge of how the body works, we can go deeper into the healing power of massage to restore balance in circulation and chi. When we scan the body we can find out the causes of the problem and see things that no doctor or machine can discern.  This technique helps provide many answers to the causes of your body's conduct.

Probably the most important change in the body-mind connection

occurs when the mind opens and let's go from the release of tensions. Releasing and then replenishing with healing chi.  This brings you from compressed state to opened state where you can embrace life and its goodness


When you are opened to receiving, you can self -heal

you may very well experience what you need to cause a needed shift.  However I will not copy and paste another practitioner's style because I do what I do best:  I help you self-heal at a mental, physical or emotional level.  Self-healing is very effective for many problems, it's all up to you how far you wish to take this:


While this is a list below provides you with some ideas of the physical and emotional benefits, everyone is different and will feel changes at different times and different intensity.  


What does it feel to be alive?  When you can answer that question you will know experientially what is possible. Knowing where you are and where you want to be is part of the consciousness needed.

Some other benefits include:

  • better sleep

  • more energy

  • more hope

  • more joy

  • more mental space

  • more flow

  • more fluidity

  • more wellness

  • more grounded

  • more alive

  • more connected

  • more mobility whether piriformis or other muscular issues

  • more sexual vigour

  • more focus on feeling good then what is not working

  • more consciousness and awareness

  • many problems vanish with better chi and circulation

  • more clarity

  • more calmness and peace

  • more productivity

  • more peaceful relationships

  • *urinary and prostate relief

  • *sexual dysfunctions improve

  • arthritis in hands etc

  • *circulatory improvement

  • blood moves easily helping recovery in all body

  • *pulled groin muscles

  • *urinary retention

  • *urinary catheter support

  • *testicular pain

  • breast cancer prevention

  • *headache relief

  • fewer cramps

  • shoulder, neck, hips & back pain relief

  • *depression  is lifted

  • schizophrenia with the spiritual process

  • emotional hurts get lifted

  • release of emotions via body

  • improve your presence  and groundedness with the body-mind connection

  • learning through stillness 

  • transforming old and outdated belief systems

  • *lymphatic system

  • *digestive system

  • improves body metabolism

  • *endocrine system

  • *wrist and carpal tunnel