Joanna Recine, a Licensed Holistic Practitioner for 12 years. 


Massage as a natural healing tool is safe and has little contraindications. Be careful with pregnancy & cancer.



I have 2 goals on this page. 1) I want to put aside some of the fears, stigma & judgment which have trivialized massage. 


2)I will give a few insights on some scientific studies on the self-healing process. Even though many studies are about self -healing you with the use of medicine or meditation this is a good foundation for how it works with massage because of the same relaxation response.  Massage has additional features of letting go stress and energetic interaction which is not existant in may western and easter medicine.


The body of science enlargens where the sponsors can invest. Thus mindfulness is often researched.  I will update this page as I find more interesting studies on "self-healing".


There is a lack of knowledge, good education, experience and research in the area of self-healing massage which requires a greater presence and energetic awareness.  At least, for now, it's simply to feel good for the moment. Many massage practitioners focus on techniques and muscles and for the parlors, it's sexual gratifications. 


Many articles are about the mind affecting the body's healing. When you have the right mindset you can prevent disease.  While we know that the healing occurs in a holistic interconnected manner in the organs, meridians and pressure points. On the macro scale, it includes your whole being ( mind, body & spirit).  Hopefully, in the future, we will transcend the muscles and skin massage and enable tapping in deeper energetic layers to restore the body. The only science that comes close to this understanding that the body tells you something is wrong and also repairs itself is in energy medicine and integrative medicine.  Where linear thinking is the basis of understanding how things work for the better.


The different articles and neuroscience on how the body heals.


  • Based on many scientific studies, Mind over Matter book, many natural healings occurred with western medicine because of the mental perceptions, mindfulness, placebo effect, care, and a greater relaxation response. There are thousands of studies about the body and mind connection.  For example, Dr. Lissa Raskin book expounds on this fact in the last 50 years, that many people healed themselves with the placebo effect. They also found that a perception of caring will also have a healing effect! Your perception is a very important factor in your shift!


  • Dr. Melov from Hamilton, Canada  Hospital shows that massage helped diminish the inflammatory response after a very exerting exercise. This study was done with a biopsy.


  • If you cannot relax, they deducted that self-healing is hindered.  I agree since a relaxing massage can help the body self-heal in my clinic. 


  • This is substantiated in scientific studies on stress and the much-needed relaxation response. The "relaxation response" book written by a Cardiac doctor at Harvard was studied scientifically demonstrating that relaxation can improve your physical & mental health such as cardiovascular, depression, anxiety and any disease often caused by stress. We can extrapolate that the greater you can cope with a stressful life, the greater you can lead a healthier life.


  • Studies with MRI made during post-meditation on Aids patients show how meditation changed /improved their body's immunity.  They overcame their sickness and lived healthily.



  • Dr. Greg Braden, the author of Divine Matrix +, shows how cancer in bladder would be “healed” at Bejing China in medicine less Hospital using intention and words. In a matter of minutes, the uncurable bladder cancer was gone!



  • Dr. Sara Lazar, a neuroscientist at the University of California studies the brain's neuroplasticity and how the brain grows and shows clearly how different activities correlate with different parts of the brain and thus impacts on the body part.