I love what I do and I want to continue to help others but feeling safe and dignified.  It may interest some of you, that I wish to clarify and avoid misunderstandings about: professional massage, its benefits; how to book/cancel/confirm.


There seems to be a lack of education on real and professional massage as an alternative healing protocol and also on the breadth of massage options.  I I was surprised that many don't truly know:


  • More than 1 or 2 types of massage.

  • More than 1 word! Full body massage.  And I still wonder what is behind this term? Since it can mean a lot of different things and probably just a manipulative word for a low-grade massage with happy ending!

  • the power of healing that is intrinsic to your body and massage.

  • how to relax! 

  • how to connect with body

  • how to receive 

  • more then 1 experience  (erotic) and this stops them from progressing further. If you an erotic consumer please don't presume massage is mere entertainment. 


I am willing to tell you more about this uniquely powerful and restorative self-healing massage as long as we are both professional and on the same page with same intentions.


There is no need to take offense I know what I like about my work and I know the value of it.  However what I hear from callers is not me or about my body-mind fusion massage. I want to invest time with clients who are willing to do what is required to be more productive, peaceful and rejuvenate Thus you can truly benefit from my bodywork when you can be coachable, engage and integrate new knowledge. If you don't follow you can only blame yourself.  


You can easily change your life when you are aware of your habits.  The patterns and habits are so entrenched that they can surface when you can be calm and restored. From that awareness comes the empowerment to make changes.  Once you know how massage can help you self-heal you can no longer trivialize professional massage!


Before the appointment

1-  Book appt with a phone call from a real phone number.


2-  Please cancel 12 hours before appt if needed, or else you will  be charged $35.00.  Or i may  need to confirm the evening before the latest 9 pm if the other options did not work. 


3- If you want to ask me questions about the massage benefits I am happy to answer a few questions on text but after that, you need to call.  I will not go over 10 emails when you can just talk a few minutes on the phone.


4- I need to know what you seek from massage or your requirements before I discuss the massage solutions at length.

5- If you ask me questions that don't relate to the benefits of massage than you can please refer to the faq on this website.  I will not spend 30 minutes discussing your underwear, please! If I use oils, you cannot be dressed.  


After or during the appointment


In general, I don't analyze my work or explain to great depth but can generalize the self-healing process.  I operate from a vibrancy of sureness and intention and need to be quiet when I massage usually.  


If you want results, I support you to connect with your body at a deeper level. However, if you don't do it or aren't ready, I don't guarantee results.  You cannot sleep and expect to change YOUR LIFE!


I need to have your feedback on how we are doing within 3 to 5 days to integrate and adapt. You are engaged in the process not separate from the treatment or me! You are not coming to take a pill but you are the pill and the body and mind are involved as a family/whole.