It's quite popular now for western medicine-based doctors particularly chiropractors to become gurus in the world of self-healing or natural healing and openly promoting their unique protocol.   


Leveraging relaxation with enhanced awareness has been my help people self-heal for over a decade.  It has been proven by seeing firsthand how my clients transform with intentional and intuitive massage in a stress-free manner.

It is so effective when you can shift can let go deeper and deeper in the process. However, neuroscientific studies often use meditation, breadth, resilience, and yoga to show you the common sense that your body is impacted positively and can be activated into a healing mode.  Now it's more acceptable for other practitioners after the research on relaxation response book to accept that relaxation is a fundamental baseline for many changes to happen.  

The relaxation response is coined by a cardiologist and author at Harvard University. His studies have shown that people who use a relaxed response (less stressed) manifest a biochemical change in their brain as per MRI brain scans.  Healing was triggered.  The book, RELAXATION RESPONSE, is changing the way medicine is practiced.  Many are looking beyond the mechanics of medicine and into the body's healing process which is often caused by the placebo effect (perception and feelings) according to the scientific crowd.  It is fascinating work but it seems like we are not working with a full deck of cards due to the linear minds of scientists.


MASSAGE DOES ALL THAT AND MORE BECAUSE THE PHYSICAL BODY IS ACTIVATED, BLOOD CIRCULATES AND STRESS LEAVES EFFECTIVELY.  Just meditation doesn't do what meditative massage does...the latter can help you relieve your tensions to allow fully the relaxation response!  People feel the ecstasy in their being when there is a connection of mind and body. 

When we cannot use our linear or scientific minds to understand how the body heals it can be frustrating but the body self-heals through an internal shift. The scientific research shows that for example Aids patients recover and lead normal lives after meditations. 

There are many ways to relax as varied as prayer, to yoga to meditation.  However, the writer said in an interview that he never really had a relaxing massage so he did not include it as a viable option in the book?! He has shown that many activities that induce relaxation such as meditation can also alter genes but limits his tools to what he knows only. The author mentions that he was no able to relax during a massage and that proves to he is not giving the credit just because he did not have probably a good experience. This is unfair scientific studies.


The medical doctor above is primarily mind-based, not body-based. It took the medical community decades to figure out that the body can heal the person through relaxation.  The body does not go by the linear rules of a scientific mind, it is intuitive and brings to the forefront the unconsciousness and never judges and wavers like the mind.  The body has information and knows what the mind doesn't know.  The body is not to be governed or dissected by the linear world of intellectualism and science.  It IS THE TEMPLE AND HAS ITS OWN GATEWAY.   However many doctors and neuroscientists study the brain rather the body because their careers are built on thinking and linear knowledge.  I am sure that if the body was studied they would find miracles that were overlooked. What if the people would be asked about their experience?.  


These mind-based studies do not reflect on the body language and flow state. However, I found that the body teaches us and the mind the truth of what is possible rather than the mind supremacy triggers the healing. The body gives in first during massage therapy and the mind follows.


When you are whole not just in your mind, is where there are joy and gratefulness. 

Touch is as old as civilization and the use of  MASSAGE and the power of touch and self-healing is so accessible if the mind can just do it.   Many don't know how massage can accelerate self-healing by energetic exchange and touch.  Many only know massage as a form of entertainment.  I don't mean it negatively, all i am saying is that many people just expect to feel good on a massage table when a whole universe of feelings and perceptions can open up!  At this point in our evolution and technology, we are not sight or hearing-deprived but touch-deprived. We believe that a positive touch and not quick sex that is very prevalent today ........has a profound effect to heal and nurture you.


Yet you know the POWER OF TOUCH is the incredible lifesaver for young babies.  And animals/pets get touched, don't they?  Do they know something we don't know?