Do you seek results to relieve urinary issues
caused by an enlarged prostate?

A well-proven, results-based, and external
Prostate Massage
is effective usually within a month.


Meet Dave in the video above:
Dave is still benefiting from his prostate therapy even after 13 years. He has very few urinary symptoms. Maybe he can urinate once a night now during a whole week when he used to go at least 3-4 times a night.

Whether you have frequent urination at night or dribble or urgency or urinary volume changes, this self-healing based prostate massage regulates many urinary abnormalities.

Not all at the same time but you will palpably experience changes. Now he can sleep and feel rejuvenated with no more bathroom torment and premature aging from the energy-draining enlarged prostate symptoms. In addition, he can hold a job stress-free.

Are you interested in a long-lasting solution to relieve urinary problem caused by an enlarged prostate condition?

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This is for you

Usually very beneficial for more mature or senior men (50 plus) whose normal chores are not possible 100pc due to symptomatic enlarged prostate overactive urination at night and daytime due to an enlarged prostate. Symptoms and intensities vary but there are usually many common denominators.  You are open and willing to try a non-erotic restorative well-proven natural option with long-lasting results.

You are tired of the stressful condition you live in caused by an overactive bladder. You may also have been diagnosed with enlarged prostate but nonetheless, you have urinary symptoms.

Do you want to reduce and even eliminate urinary symptoms for many years to come? Yes, this therapy's results last for even a decade as some of my clients experienced.  If you seek long-lasting results, you are at the right place.

Prostate massage therapy's purpose is to support and self-heal your prostate so you can finally sleep at night and have fewer urinary symptoms night and day such as

urgency, dribbling, and urinary retention.

There are recently an increasing number of younger men in their 30s who have urinary problems, and we can leverage this knowledge base too for them whether frequency or urinary retention. 

This is not for you if

You think of this as just a short-lived massage. In order to get results, you will need several sessions to increment the changes. Unfortunately, I cannot give you 150% if you don't take advantage of the incremental self-healing process and make it work for yourself. One session is not enough commitment as any other important matter in your life.  Many urinary problems started over 4 and more years.

Unfortunately, there is a problem today with digital distractions and many people make busy and don't do the work of getting embodied since they are mentally overwhelmed or overactive or just distracted by
non-human activities.

Restoring the body and being aware of how self-healing works are important and one thoughtless session to prove whatever you think you should be trying to prove to yourself does not work, you need to do the work and allow your body stress-free to get better and better. Going through the motions and getting engaged are very different and bring different results. 

If you confuse or blame the walnut-sized prostate gland for all your problems including sexual issues, which are 2 different conditions.  Sexual health is more complex and all-encompassing and is caused by physical and/or mental issues.  If you have ED problems you have sexual issues, not just an enlarged prostate.

Have you ever seen the male reproductive system and the intricate plumbing system?  Please do not call to insist that you want a prostate massage/quick fix because you have ED. No one I know has had big changes in their sexual life from just orgasms derived from a prostate massage (also called milking) which many other practitioners offer.  We don't provide entertaining prostate massages with no intention of long-lasting results. I hope that I am clearer.

When you do it, you get results.

Talking and analyzing are not going to solve this perceived problem. You learn to trust your body experiences improvements and so does your mind.
I hope it is clear now that men self-heal incrementally to transform lives since sleeping at night matters and it matters to the couple and family.

This 15-year-old therapy is a very effective prostate massage therapy

-medically and energy-based massage and specific oils, and most importantly based on sound Chinese medicine and my 15 years of experience. However

the medical industry does not treat naturally the prostate gland to help it heal when it's enlarged and inflamed.  While it can cause chaos in your life, it's often gaslighted by doctors who often ask you to wait and see. Why wait when you can live so much better with natural treatments?

This page is the general information page on prostate massage to relieve urinary symptoms but if you want to learn more, please peruse more in-depth the following:

Do you want to read more about prostate massage or about enhancing sexual health with therapeutic massage?

Let's be clear, you don't need to be cancerous 

to treat your enlarged prostate however if you don't treat an inflamed prostate you will continue to experience the problem and urinary symptoms don't improve and can worsen. The prostate
 is an important gland that responds very well to natural treatments proven by a big change in urinary symptoms.

After 15 years, I am still amazed at how this tiny gland responds very well to my treatments which consist of Chinese-based energy protocols and special oils. Even though you may not know intellectually how you get these results, it works.

How do we get started?

You are only weeks away from leading a normal life with a healed enlarged prostate!

First, we gather info on your health condition and on how you resonate with self-healing-based massage in a stress-free first session.  After you experience your first general massage at the clinic, then we can decide to choose to work together.  The best results come when we commit to a process of incremental changes because we appreciate that the flow continues.

While you receive the
treatments you will experience many changes that shift positively. Your initial investment is only $150.00 plus tax for about 1.5 hr. which includes a self-healing massage and information about the therapy and your health status.
Please come with your questions.

If you seek more info on self-healing of your sexuality, please go here.