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Are you seeking a natural, well-proven
and results-based therapy?

External Prostate Massage is an effective process
to relieve many of your urinary symptoms 
within a month.


Meet Dave in the video above talking about how his life has changed after external prostate massage:

Dave who had an enlarged prostate is still benefiting from his prostate therapy even after 13 years. He has now very few urinary symptoms and he can continue to work in his 60s. Maybe he can urinate once a night now for a whole week but he used to urinate at least 3-4 times a night before the treatment.

Dave in the video can sleep and feel rejuvenated with no more bathroom torment and premature aging from the energy-draining enlarged prostate symptoms. In addition, he can still hold a job stress-free today. The aging process has been averted. 


This is the second testimonial which shows how much is involved in trying to find a solution. 


























Do you also want to reduce and even eliminate urinary symptoms for many years to come? Yes, this therapy's results last for even a decade as my client, Dave, experienced.  If you seek long-lasting results, you are at the right place even though you are not the expert.


We can discuss your particular situation and questions when you call 4166544325 for a 20 min free consult. If you have difficulty reaching me please use Wix chat.

A unique approach to self-healing massage is when you engage with a therapeutic process in general while the practitioner targets your enlarged prostate.

Your body has the capacity to self-heal, not your mind.  Your mind though will interpret the changes so you understand but you are the Pill and your body will self-heal when activated. 

It is not like changing the tires, you will learn to trust your body as you go.  I will help you progress and perhaps it is out of your comfort zone but that is ok.  Your self-healing happens when you activate your innate healthy and specific acupoints and your tetha mind-state conducive to self-healing among other things in your body. There is obviously a relationship between the energy field embracing me, you and your body.  Your body becomes very open to change.

You are the PILL!

It is advised that you be embodied to create the right frequency for self-healing to occur.  How can you create miracles if you are not present or are in your overthinking mind?  How can you transform your life if you are performing a habitual action? Do you want to change?

This external prostate massage regulates many urinary abnormalities

whether you believe it or not, it works. Not all changes in urination occur at the same time, but you will palpably experience significant changes with focused and tailored acupressure that relieves the problems and causes because we also perform scans for greater results.

Medically sound Chinese Medicine (acupressure and more) and energy-based massage and specific oils will be part of the process of your self-healing journey. Please read the basic details of prostate therapy here.

And it's totally fine that you learn more slowly and learn to be embodied particularly if you are very stressed and or fatigued. Take your time. Some clients did very well to start with Lomi Lomi Massage and progress to Men's Health.

The modalities and symptoms and the first steps you can take are here.



My approach may be unique and holistic but most important, IT WORKS based on my very own 15 years of clinical experiences and results, not just textbooks or gossip. My clients tell me that their symptoms subsided.  We aim for the long-term impact. where a holistic approach is going to cover all the bases.  The process when followed will allow you to progress until you are much healthier, please be patient.  Bit by bit you will experience changes and get better and better.  Isn't that how things work when something matters?  Also in the last session, we will observe our lifestyle and how we eat our way to health.  We are created by the foods we eat too.

My profile is here.

If you don't treat an inflamed prostate you will continue to experience

the problems and urinary symptoms don't improve by themselves and can worsen to urinary retention and more. The prostate is an important gland that responds very well to natural treatments proven by a big change in urinary symptoms we have witnessed. The changes occur from the first week as long as you see them and do not dismiss them. 

Men's Health Prostate therapy Part 2 is here

The massage blog is here.

If you seek more info on Men's Health Sexual therapy, to improve libido and endurance.

This is for you 

Usually very beneficial for more mature or senior men (50 plus)

whose normal chores are not possible 100pc due to symptomatic enlarged prostate often overactive urination at night and urgency during daytime due to an enlarged prostate. Symptoms and intensities vary but there are usually many common denominators. 


You are open and willing to try a non-erotic, non-anal manipulation, a restorative well-proven natural option with long-lasting results.  As long as you experience the process and you are humble enough to see what is happening, you will do very well.  Just do it and expect, no need to doubt and overanalyze. Allow it to work and build every week. 

You are tired of the stressful condition you live in caused by an overactive bladder. You may also have been diagnosed with enlarged prostate but nonetheless, you have urinary symptoms.

Prostate massage therapy's purpose is to support and self-heal your prostate so you can finally sleep at night and have fewer urinary symptoms night and day such as these symptoms:

  • frequent urination at night

  • dribble

  • urgency

  • urinary volume changes

  • urinary retention

Whether you have one or more of these urinary symptoms, external prostate massage has proven to work just the way it is without add-ons or internal prostate massage.

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