Yes!  Imagine that you can finally sleep and

not rush to Tim Horton!

Many clients with prostate symptoms can be naturally and easily supported by prostate-specific massage therapy rather than invasive surgical treatments or toxic drugs. Many doctors don't treat it naturally with long term impacts. Here is your opportunity to rejuvenate and incrementally alleviate your prostate symptoms.  If you are ready to start the process please go to the end of this page.  Thank you.


What Dave testified can give you a better idea of what are the potential results for you too that you incrementally receive after the treatments (when you are diagnosed or have the symptoms of an enlarged prostate). This unique modality leverages the self-healing intrinsic powers of your body with external acupressure /reflexology and special oils focused on the rejuvenation of the prostate gland

The situation was a bit more complex for Dave but what counts is that he is healthier and stronger and more confident and sleeping today for over 8 years!


It's been over 8 years since I received my external prostate massage therapy from Joanna and I am still very good and sleep well.    Again, Joanna performed on me an external prostate massage which is non-invasive again non-intrusive and not based on eroticism but based on healing deeply and results."

"I was in a bad place feeling the impact of ageing, urinating daily 2-3 times per evening among other nonsense that happens with urination. Now more than 8 years later, I barely go once a week at night time. This prostate external massage therapy provided me with extraordinary results and a new lease on life. thank you, Joanna. I hope that more men are as opened minded to try natural massage therapies based on well-proven acu-reflex points, signature protocol, and not the least are your special oils. "

Benefit from 2 men's health massage therapies:

Sexual and/or Prostate


to improve your sexual health holistically and sexual functions and wellness. This can include prostate health therapies too if needed.

MEN'S HEALTH- PROSTATE EXTERNAL MASSAGE THERAPY​focused on enhancing tangibly the Prostate gland and its urinary symptoms early during the therapy. 

​What can you expect:

You will be relaxed and restored however much more....We can help you to normalize/reduce general urination symptoms associated with enlarged prostate such as (urinary frequency, dribble urinary retention, urinary volume and urinary urgency +).


What does this look like?

We use a variety of mind-body tools ​such as energy acupressure /reflexology) and awareness and special oils among others to activate your innate self-healing process.

Who is this benefiting?

This is for the men usually over 50 years ​who have the symptoms associated with enlarged prostate such as very frequent urination usually night time and dribble urinary volume. Whereby the doctors don't always tell you that there is a problem but they may say what you have is "normal for your age”.

So listen to your body first!  However, there are more men in there 30's who have urinary problems now and who respond very well to this treatment. I adapt to the causes of the problem.

Please do not call me to request a prostate massage for fun!


I do professional bodywork or massage therapy to help real people with real problems get real solutions. This is extremely effective when you get engaged in the process.


You can expect long-lasting results:


Great positive outcomes are often manifested in the first few treatments and will allow you to finally sleep at night often due to the enlarged prostate gland, You are the right place with this well-proven nurturing healing external prostate massage therapy with oils. It is a holistic improvement that is happening in a larger and incremental manner rather than just localized.  

At the first meeting, we will get to know each other in different ways ( physical, mental, emotional, lifestyle and passions) and will try to understand ...I will ask you if you have the diagnosis and the medical


exams to validate this journey, please have as many facts as possible.  Since I help men with the problems to enhance their lives and with natural methods. It is best to start with the facts of where you are and where you are going.

The prostate gland is small  but when it is squeezed it can change your life and it is part of a larger problem:

Many men can age faster from this unjustified toll on your sleep and worry which comes with annoying urinary symptoms and lack of restored sleep.  This reduced life expression affects your overall well-being and often your empowered masculinity.  If you don't actively improve the health of your prostate, it will worsen, Period.


There is nothing like getting the healing circulation to activate your self-healing! A drug will only change when you take the pill!

Do you want sustainable results without toxicity and side effects?


Prostate massage (External):


when focused and using intentional acupressure and reflex points on your body, it will nourish all the organs and glands causing this problem to occur.  We use an energetic scan to also detect the obstructions. This is a very unique method to check your blockages in the body. The core area is a very intricate plumbing system where blockages can happen in ducts and more. 


Our natural and effective prostate therapy


is a somatic experience and results-based. However, don't get me wrong it's also relaxing and restorative.  Self-healing your prostate is a process, so give it time for regular visits until you get your freedom.  You will need several sessions to allow the cumulative effects to unravel and maintain.  We suggest you start with 5 sessions.  And why not invest 5 hours when your future can change drastically just like Dave above.


I founded this UNIQUE Men's Prostate Health PROTOCOL

over a decade ago and it is not just techniques or a physical act but intentional and energetics body-mind protocol to allow changes to happen and to be maintained. It is proven to work and considered miraculous by western medicine thinking. You will need 5 (usually weekly in the beginning) sessions minimum.  There are no samples, I cannot change people without their engagement and commitment.

It is not just a massage, it is therapeutic and medical.


A holistic and incremental powerful process requiring your engaged TIME to self-heal and allow the body to change stress-free and deepen its impact on you.  This well-proven and unique protocol have been honed for a decade based on palpable results on urinary symptoms alleviation when we co-journey with clients who are committed to making this work.  Working with committed clients produces more results!

Even the prostate has its own myths!

You don't need an invasive (internal) prostate massage. 

We offer a very effective and long-lasting therapeutic external prostate massage to reduce/normalize your urinary frequency and volume and dribble and emergency. This area of the body has been trivialized and monetized by untrained erotic providers who don't care if you pee at night or not.


It is unfortunate that many sexual dysfunctions have been putting the finger at the prostate as if it is the solution or panacea to your restoration of sexual functions? Did you look at the body's reproductive anatomy and do you really think that this simple answer is true? If it was the truth, then curing ED would have been so easy, accessible and thus the problem non-existant.


Unfortunately, doctors may often say:


let us wait and see. This passive attitude will allow a downward spiral and offers no relief. With a pro-active protocol, you can regain your prostate health.  However, If your PSA is high, you will have to change your lifestyle to prevent cancer.  Scientific sites discussing men's health sound very impressive with their scientific explanations/data of the causes and symptoms of an enlarged prostate but they don't explain how to self-heal with the natural solutions! So what do you prefer the head knowledge or the solution?

It is a process:


The external prostate massage therapy treatments involve a stress-free time to allow your body to self-heal during a reasonable period of time and are based on results, not time:  The results will not be linear because the body's self-healing is not linear. However, most clients experienced a reduction in the urinary frequency of at least 50%  and usually more unless there are other causes. 


Your different Symptoms change /improve as you receive the treatments and you will learn how to gauge the progress. 


Welcome to the men's empowerment program where the only real changes are deep not the usual superficial! 




1-  Please call for a 10-minute chat to discuss your particular situation: 416 654  4325.


2-  This whole process is meant for you to increase your learning curve experientially so that you can feel and take inventory of the changes that will grow with time and patience. The first session will include a general self-healing massage and question /answer period after which we choose to work together.  Since it's a sensitive but important topic we discuss your health status including your beliefs!... Unfortunately, we come with too many preconceived ideas about how it's supposed to be. We need to learn how to open to what shows up.  Often, we are not aware that we can be in the way for our self-healing.



3-  We will discuss the prices and details after our first intro session  And after our initial session when " we get to know each other" session ( 1.5 hr for  $125.00 tax in,) after we can decide to work together. This Prostate massage therapy External is not treated like a massage and is not pay as you go.  We focus on men who want change and can think midterm and commit to making this work.


4- This unique and powerful and sustainable process will change your future and it is obviously more expensive than a regular short term impact regular massage and well worth the investment and the worries and sleep deprivation for many years to come. We will synergize together easily when you are open-minded.