Imagine! You can finally sleep

and don't have to rush to the washroom at night!



Welcome to the empowered masculinity page because we support your health to obtain ease and joy for men in their midlife.  


The men with the enlarged prostate who are symptomatic and want to relieve their urinary symptoms due to enlarged prostate problems will get results in a no shame and stress-free space, at my clinic.  


This is a very unique massage protocol with special oils FOCUSED on YOU and to activate the self-healing power of your body not just a technical or feel good massage and NOT an intrusive massage. Again we don't need to insert anything in your body and it will work powerfully!  This therapy is miraculously helpful to all men who engage in the process and build up awareness.

What you can expect from this powerful professional protocol to relieve your urinary symptoms from an enlarged prostate? Clients will experience significant changes in their urinary frequency, dribble, volume and urinary retention in 1 month and often less time. 


Testimonial from Dave Carter

“ It's been over 9 years since I received my external prostate massage therapy from Joanna and I am still very good and sleep well.    Again, Joanna performed on me an external prostate massage which is non-invasive again non-intrusive and not based on eroticism but based on healing deeply and results."

"I was in a bad place feeling the impact of ageing, urinating daily 2-3 times per evening among other nonsense that happens with urination. Now more than 8 years later, I barely go once a week at night time. This prostate external massage therapy provided me with extraordinary results and a new lease on life. thank you, Joanna. I hope that more men are as opened minded to try natural massage therapies based on well-proven acu-reflex points, signature protocol, and not the least are your special oils. "  This is the  video below:

The prostate therapies at least the legitimate ones are hard to find gems. You can look out for these features when you seek a prostate health practitioner:


  • UNIQUELY skilled practitioner

  • UNIQUE  signature protocol.

  • Well-proven ancient wisdom 

  • Safe

  • You will see the results yourself. High ROI

  • Long-lasting effects.

  • Affordable

  • Transformative

  • You can experience results yourself

  • Sleeping is so paramount to your health and you will finally sleep

This a risk-free solution, because we only start the men's' health treatments when you are ready and have experienced a regular self-healing message. To get the best outcome in the end we learn to live deeper in your temple. The body-mind connection is a learning curve for some men.  And that's ok. You want results right?  No surgery and no drugs are needed, how cool is that?

Since mainstream usually underutilizes massage, thus often leaving clients with limited benefits or superficial results, this process may surprise you on how therapeutic it is.  This is about the body, your somatic experience not an intellectual one.

Why be chained to your toilet bowl anymore?  You need your freedom and mobility to do what is important to be of service. Humanity needs great minds.

This is not about taking a pill and forget you are part of the solution or succumbing to invasive surgery and then nurse your pain. Me and You,  co journey on a wonderful plan to use your very own body to make extraordinary changes happen. How cool is that?

We are operating in the language of the body, not the mind. The analytical mind cannot understand in a tidy manner how the body heals itself! We are also using experiential knowledge, not mere book knowledge.   Even though the tendency is to mentally figure it out or analyze or diagnose or shred it to pieces, the answers are originating from the somatic experience.   

You are the Pill. ..........................Your body is intelligent and it will know how to rebalance and rewire energetically when brought to the right flow state


However, the real solution is seeing it ( doing it) from a fresh perspective that it is possible to self-heal.  This can require some time to cultivate this new experience and foundation please be patient with yourself.  I suggest not to rely on your past experiences and what your doctor or friend said nor with a regular relaxation massage unless you had gained much.  Since your past experience cannot help you understand this opportunity to relieve your urinary problems. You may need to change your mindset.  

The reason why this topic is not easy to explain with words is that it comes with so many beliefs perpetuated by the western medical and the erotic industry.  Many are brainwashed and have reduced and trivialized it to a money-making and or fun prostate gland.  Let me shatter your ideas and tell you that when you nurture your gland it is very forgiving and will give back a new lease on life. 

We don't rely on book knowledge or hearsay or feel good fancy moves and techniques nor your past experience but on direct experience that works. You will be relaxed however if you want results you will be engaged in the process.

You thought your urinary symptoms were just a passing thing and you be normal again?  Yet the urinary problems persisted and some even worsened  You probably tried to understand what is going on and asked your doctor for help and felt shortchanged at the end with no viable or safe or simple solution? And you are tired of depleting your time and energy worrying about the washroom? You never felt the same again after this nuisance started controlling your life?


If you seek an effective solution with no side effects, you will enjoy this information.  Massage is not just massage, it is medicinal and beyond the temporary relaxing or painful effects of regular rmt or relaxation massages.... Take the time to connect your own dots.  This is a deeper body-mind connection that will activate your life force helping the body naturally to self-regulate and re-balance itself creating homeostasis. I have learned how the body speaks and how it heals itself through more than a decade until I gave the body the freedom to guide where the body needs help.  The body is the springboard to powerful internal experiences and followed by external changes.


To get started on this process please book an appointment at 4166544325

to talk and learn and massage and we take it from there.

This protocol is based on self-healing and experiential learning and may require a shift in thinking.  Since this is a non-linear topic, it may be challenging for the intellect to process it. Many have learned to find answers to every problem but this is the subconscious is of the body which doesn't need your figuring skills to manifest solutions! Hurrah!  Get a break and let your body do what it does best.


The transformative changes happen when you get engaged and embodied rather than just a mental exercise or motions.  Being pulled in from many directions from the head not being present reduces the power and is less conducive to heal your body naturally.

Many men in midlife are symptomatic and show urinary symptoms.  The enlarged prostate causes dysfunctional urination night and day time  You have been hindered from living life fully due to an enlarged prostate which is squeezing the urethra thus the flow of urine.   Many irritating urinary symptoms such as frequent night urination + occur that worsen with time when left unattended and not treated holistically.


And if you are like many men seeking results without compromising safety, you are here to change how you feel ( or perhaps you don't know it was possible).  There is a natural & long-lasting solution in Toronto, Canada.  Men will change their lives and be empowered because most men maintain the changes for many years making this probably the most viable and economical option. We welcome all men who are genuine seekers whether you live in Canada or the USA or other countries to book at least 1 week-long to obtain several treatments. 


Summary of men's health therapies are listed below:


They are focused on improving health and awareness thus are therapeutic, not erotic and not sexual and non-intrusive.  Holistic massage wakes up your body deeply. 


  • to improve your sexual health holistically and restore sexual functions and thus overall wellness. This can include prostate health therapies if needed. These are professional non-intrusive massage services with well-proven modalities to invigorate the sexual functions. Please click above heading for more information.


  • focused on enhancing tangibly the Prostate gland and alleviating its urinary symptoms even early on during the therapy. We relieve the urinary frequency, dribble, volume, urgency and urinary retention. This may help sexual health and functions but NOT necessarily. We provide therapeutic and results-based massage, not entertainment. 

       Enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH):

  • the gland has grown bigger ( but is not cancerous) usually causing dysfunctional urination. Your prostate gland swells with the squeezing of the urethra and obstructing the flow of urine and can also cause a weakening in the sexual arena and bladder.  The prostate gland is small but when it is squeezed it can squeeze the life out of you too however, it is part of a larger problem. We just cannot point our finger on the prostate for many of the sexual problems..