Do you want results?

Men with an enlarged prostate who are symptomatic and want to relieve their urinary symptoms will get results within 2 months in a shame-stress-free space, at my clinic.

This is a very unique and time-tested massage acu-reflex protocol

with also special oils FOCUSED on YOU and

to activate the self-healing power of your prostate and urinary-bladder issues

No surgery and no drugs are needed, how cool is that?


You will see verifiable results in the first session often with a unique protocol combination of acupressure, reflexology, energy scans, and special oils among other things to build up your health.  

not just a technical or a feel-good massage.

The body-mind connection is a learning curve for people in general but you can learn.  And that's ok. That is why i am here.

You are part of the solution:

If you can let go a bit and be coachable,

you will get results that you will see for yourself.   

The changes will happen incrementally with a holistic and intentional process.

This therapy is miraculously helpful to all men who can engage in the process and build up awareness

and learn to trust your body. 

The body will speak the truth, always. 


the body is always talking /responding and tells you that you have a problem

and also tell you the cause of the problem. 



The prostate therapies, at least the legitimate ones, are hard-to-find gems.What should you experience with a results-based professional massage.


  • A UNIQUELY skilled practitioner  with direct positive experience 

  • UNIQUE  signature protocol that has worked

  • Well-proven ancient wisdom 

  • Safe

  • You will see the results yourself. High ROI

  • Long-lasting effects.

  • Affordable

  • Transformative

  • Relaxing

  • Long lasting results

  • Not just entertaining

  • Not just a mental curiosity

risk-free solution

We start the men's health treatments when you are ready and have experienced a regular self-healing message from your first 90 min session.

To get the best outcome, we learn to live deeper in you, in your temple , that is your fundamentally to go back to your body is the best way to approach a self-healing men's health program. 

Since mainstream massage narrative usually underutilizes and dumbs down the impact of massage, thus often leaving clients to think or expect limited benefits or superficial results.  However, this process may surprise you on how therapeutic it is. 


This is about your body:

your somatic experience not an intellectual one. And it may put you in an uncomfortable position  being focused on body rather than mind.

This is not about taking a pill and then to forget it.

You are part of the solution to use your very own body to make extraordinary changes happen. This not an internal prostate massage nor a localized approach. 

We are operating in the language of the body and its learned from this massage experience. The analytical mind cannot understand in a tidy manner how the body heals itself! We are also using experiential knowledge, not mere book knowledge.   Even though the tendency is to mentally figure it out, the answers are originating from the somatic experience.   

You are the Pill!

Your body is intelligent and it will know how to rebalance and rewire energetically when brought to the right flow state. 


The real solution is seeing it ( doing it) from a fresh perspective that it is possible to self-heal and trust your body.


This can require some time to cultivate this new experience in your body and foundational thinking.  Please be patient with yourself. 


I suggest not to rely on your past experiences and what your doctor or friend said, on a regular relaxation massage unless you had gained much.  Your past experience  usually is not the framework to help you understand this opportunity to relieve your urinary problems.


You may need to change your mindset and learn as you go. Why not? It's totally worth it.